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New foam articles in our webshop | Peli 0450

We do not only manufacture custom foam inlays in our workshop, but we also want to give you the opportunity to do it yourself, because foam is what makes a case complete.

Many customers wish to make a foam inlay themselves. To give them all the necessary means, we are now offering foam pieces priced by the kilo in our webshop. They are made from quality foam, the same material that we use to cut our inlays. The LD29-foam can easily be worked on with a cutter knife or a soldering iron, as well as hot and spray-on glue.

foam pieces

In our store, you can freely choose your foam assortment. When ordering through our webshop, it will be chosen by availability. Should you have any particular requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

The Peli Case 0450 with its multitude of drawers has a lot of space for a lot of tools. Its proven Peli Case-quality makes it the ideal transport case to take all your tools on a plane. With our new foam inlays, you can organise the drawers even more clearly.

foam inlays

This foam inlay consists of two parts: The black inlay is cut to the contours of the tools and glued to the red inlay. The red bottom cushion makes it easy to see where everything goes and if anything is missing.
The advantage of our foam inlay is that it can be easily cut and glued by hand in a short time. You do not have to scan your tools, so that you can quickly make your own, custom foam inlay at a competitive price.
Each foam set comes with all the inlays you need for the drawers of a fully equipped Peli Case 0450. The height of the inlays is adjusted to the smallest drawer, for larger drawers, you can simply glue several layers of foam together.

0450 with inlays

Clearance sale for Christmas - up to 30 % off

No sooner than we have finished moving to our new warehouse, we are looking forward to what is probably the least popular tradition of salespeople everywhere: the dreaded inventory!

To lighten our stock, we will be having another clearance sale in our warehouse in the week leading up to christmas. From December 18. to 22., we are offering a special discount of up to 30 % (subject to the order value and your haggling skills) on everything that is in stock in our warehouse.

Save money on your protection case, make our inventory a little bit easier and take a look at our new showroom. In addition, we are frying fresh and tasty burgers on our grill everyday.

You will find us in Pützchens Chaussee 60, Gewerbehöfe Pützchen/Hall No. 7, 53227 Bonn. Our warehouse is situated at the end of an industrial zone. Customer parking space are available.

This offer is only valid for merchandise that is in stock and picked up at our store in Bonn. Cash payment only.

Peli Air Cases - new sizes, new colours

The extra light Peli Air Cases are growing: from now on, you will find three new sizes in our webshop - the Air Cases 1557, 1607, and 1637. All three cases are built for volume and offer a lot of space at low weight.

Additionally, all Air Cases will soon be available in orange, yellow and silver.

Peli Air Case 1557

Peli Air Case 1557

Starting at 266,25 €*

Empty weight: 3,0 kg

Peli Air Case 1607

Peli Air Case 1607

Starting at 336,69 €*

Empty weight: 6,0 kg

Peli Air Case 1637

Peli Air Case 1637

Starting at 412,43 €*

Empty weight: 7,5 kg

Our special offer for the Peli Case 1560 is still available. The popular protection case combines cubed foam with a practical laptop lid bag, now at a reduced price.

Peli Case 1560 LFC

Peli 1560 LFC

297,50 €*

Instead of 382,38 €

*All prices incl. german VAT.

We're moving! Clearance sale from June 16th to 24th.

Kofferfunshop.de is moving! From the 3rd of July onwards, you will find us in Pützchens Chaussee 60, 53227 Bonn.

We want to celebrate, and of course we want to move with as little merchandise as possible. So we will offer special prices from June 6th through June 24th, for customers in our store in Bonn. You can expect up to 30 % on our entire stock and floor models. For this special occasion, we will also open on Saturdays June 17th and 24th, from 10 AM to 3 PM.

This offer is only available for merchandise currently available and picked up in our store. Only cash payment. No invoices issued.

Peli Elite Cooler - last chance to get one

Peli Elite Coolers will no longer be sold in Europe. We have received a final shipment of Elite Coolers 45 QT and 35 QT, which we will offer at a special summer price.

Systainer-news 2017

Mini-Systainer with transparent lid, power hub SYS-PH and the new Mini-Systainer T-Loc III are available in our webshop.

TANOS is continually developing new products to expand the already extensive assortment of Systainers. The newest innovation is the Mini-Systainer T-Loc with transparent lid: the clear material of the lid makes it possible to keep an eye on the contents of the Systainer. This way, you will always be able to keep track of your small parts. With the handy deep-drawn inserts for Mini-Systainers, as well as the transparent lid insert, you will get a practical and versatile transport and storage case that can be easily integrated into the T-Loc program.


An especially popular use for Systainers is to transport power tools. You will find a lot of Systainers on building sites. But power tools need an extension cord and the new Sys-PH is exactly that: A Systainer turned power hub that can be integrated into your Systainer tower. 4 outlets supply your tools with power, while you can charge your mobile phone safely with the extra outlet on the inside of the Systainer.


Another new addition to the Systainer family is the Mini-Systainer T-Loc III. It is the same base size as the Mini-Systainer T-Loc I, but it is higher and therefore has more storage space. To use this space optimally, the new Mini boxes insert can be combined with all Mini deep-drawn inserts in the Mini-Systainer T-Loc III. With this system, you can store small parts easily accessible on two levels.


Peli Air Cases - light as a feather, tough as a Peli

Peli Air Cases are now available in our webshop. The new model series offers Peli's well-known protection with up to 40 % less weight.

Peli Cases have a good reason to be amongst our best selling products. Due to their ruggedness and almost indestructible shell, Peli Cases are the right solution for everyone who needs a watertight and break-proof protection case.

1535 WF

Many of our customers had a suggestion, how they'd make Peli Cases even better: a case with the durability of a Peli, but lighter weight. That is why the Air Cases are now introduced as a new model series. Available in six different sizes, these super-light protection cases offer everything you'd expect from a Peli Case - and much more.

If you are used to Peli Cases and lift an Air Case for the first time, you are in for a surprise: the new cases are up to 40 % lighter than comparable injection moulded cases. Peli Air Cases achieve this reduction in weight through the new HPX-resin, casted in a honeycomb structure. This allows for an extremely durable, but still lightweight case.

1615 TP

With the new models, a new interior is also added: alongside the established divider- and cubed foam sets, all Peli Air Cases are also available with the new Trekpak.

Trekpak consists of a perimeter wall, metal pins for fixation, bottom and lid foam, as well as individually adjustable dividers. With the included cutting tool, you simply cut the dividers to the needed length and lock them in place with the metal pins. With this completely free layout, you are not limited by pre-fabricated dividers and their velcro, and you are not even bound to right angles.

You will find the new Peli Air Cases in our Webshop.

Systainer with lid compartment - Now in all sizes

Many of our customers have asked us, whether the T-Loc Systainer with lid compartment is available in different sizes. The answer: Yes! The Systainer with lid compartment is available in our webshop in the sizes I through V and the colours light grey and anthracite. Of course, we also offer configurable variants, and we also extend the useful SYS-Combi with the lid compartment, for maximum storage space


If you are still using the CLASSIC-Systainer, but want to switch over to T-Loc, we have the perfect offer for you: Simply exchange your old CLASSIC-Systainers for new T-Loc Systainers. Thanks to our Exchange-Systainer, if you send us your old - even damaged CLASSIC-Systainer - you can get a 10 € rebate on a T-Loc Systainer of the same size. You will find the exact terms and conditions on the article page.


SKB iSeries protection cases now available in our webshop

From now on, you will find a wide variety of iSeries protection cases by SKB in our webshop. We have decided to further expand our range of products, in order to give our customers an even broader selection of protection cases and make it even easier to find a suitable case.


Many of our customers who are looking for a hardened protection case have to make a difficult decision. We can rarely offer an absolutely perfect case and often have to make a compromise regarding the size. Of course, a case has to be large enough to fit everything you want to transport. But it should not be too big, because weight increases with size and many large cases cause difficulties when transporting it in the trunk of a car or on an airplane. That is why some customers go for a smaller case that still fits, but leaves out valuable padding space.


To make your decision easier and to help you find the most suitable case, we have added a broad selection of iSeries hardened protection cases to our webshop. We have worked with SKB cases in the past and already offer a variety of their products - especially top-of-the-line rack cases - so we are absolutely convinced of their quality. The iSeries protection cases expand our already wide range of Peli-, Storm- and Explorer Cases with versions that we could not previously offer in their sizes. This way, we want to offer you an even larger variety of case sizes, so that you will always find the best possible case for your application.


You will find our selection of iSeries hardened protection cases in our Webshop.

Storage refurbishing - shipping of Peli Cases in CW 17

Dear customers,
due to storage refurbishing, we may experience slight delays in shipping this week. Especially Peli, Storm and Explorer Cases will be affected. Of course, we will do our best to keep the disturbances as small as possible. Should you have an urgent order, please let us know beforehand. From Monday, the 2nd of May, shipping will resume as usual.

Shaped foam pieces now available in our webshop

Maybe you already know our Peli 1620 Laptop-Case: with our easy-to-assemble shaped foam pieces, we can build an inlay for up to five laptops on short notice. The best part: because the pieces don't need to be glued together, the case can also be used empty.

Peli 1620 Laptop

We also use these foam pieces to produce other foam inlays. Because this system is so easy to use, we have decided to add it to our webshop and give you the opportunity to build your own, professional laptop or equipment foam inlay. The foam pieces fit together like a puzzle and can easily be removed, reused and expanded upon. Because no glue is needed, pieces can be freely combined and replaced, so that you will get exactly the inlay that you need, without having to cut or glue anything.

Our shaped foam was developed for the Peli Cases 1600, 1610 and 1620, which all have the same base measurements. By cutting and upholstering the foam, it can be made to fit a lot of other cases. The system is particularly well suited for larger parts, which don't have to be padded to exact size.


You can find our selection of foam parts in our webshop.

Systainer-shipments during the holiday season 2015/16

Dear customers,
due to the holiday season, Systainers will only be shipped from our store in Bonn from the 18th of December until the 3rd of January. Please place your orders in a timely manner. Due to the higher volume of shipments during December, your order of Systainers might be delayed. If you have an urgent order, please do not hesitate to contact us. From Monday, the 4th of January on, regular shipping commences.

For merchandise that cannot be shipped in 2015, you can nevertheless receive an invoice for 2015, if required.

We wish you happy holidays and a happy new year 2016!

Mobile Workstation

When working in the photo- and video sector, a mobile workstation is a standard piece of equipment in every production. Because the place of production often changes in a busy day, professionals prefer a workstation that is lightweight, compact, can be quickly assembled and disassembled and protects the laptop reliably from damage.


The professional solution by Peli is the laptop case Peli 1490. Especially for the Peli Case 1490, kofferfunshop.de has developed foam inlays for established MacBook formats, as well as universal inlays for other laptops. These do not only protect your equipment from shocks and shifting, but also provide compartments for cables, a mouse and accessories like a charger and batteries. Inlays are available for 15.4" MacBooks in the Peli Case 1490 and for 13.3" MacBooks in the Peli Case 1470. For other formats, we offer universal inlays that can be adapted for almost any laptops using cubed foam, while also coming with accessory-compartments.
The compact size of the Peli laptop-cases combine maximum protection with enough space for laptop and accessories. Like every other Peli Case, the Peli 1490 protects its contents from damage by water, dust and shock.

You can find our assortment of Peli laptop cases in our webshop.

Peli 1490 Universal

When shooting outdoors, stray light is often a hindrance. To reduce stray light and simplify your work, the workstation can be equipped with a sunscreen. With our easy-to-adapt polystyrene-sheets, a sunscreen can be quickly built by yourself. With connections made from natural rubber adhesive tape, the sunscreen is stable, but still flexible and can be folded up to be stored in the case's lid. Adhesive felt reduces disturbing light reflexions on the interior of the sunscreen.


In case we cannot find a suitable solution in our regular stock, we not only manufacture foam inlays to measure, but also whole case interiors. Our current project is a cutter workstation that carries a main screen together with a laptop that can be used while in the case. The foam is cut with wateriest, which allows for precise cut-outs on several layers, so a cable compartment could be fitted under the laptop. The screen is mounted on a rotary head and can be removed easily using a fixing lever. To carry the weight of the screen, the case's lid is reinforced with an aluminium sheet.
The construction of the cutter workstation allows for an equal weight distribution and thus easy transportation, since the case is equipped with a trolley handle and skater rolls. This way, the entire workstation can be moved quickly and fresh material can be worked with on the spot.


We produce custom foam inlays at a minimum of only 1 piece. Just give us a call.

Protect your mobile IT securely with Rack-Cases by SKB

IT is at the core of every business, but it is as vulnerable as it is important, and it has to be protected from harm. Not only in the cyberspace, but also in the real world, because a damaged IT-infrastructure can become very expensive very fast. That is why a lot of devices are produced in the 19"-standard and built into racks. There, the appliances are not only well protected from outside influence, but also easily accessible.

When devices have to be moved, things get complicated. Measuring equipment, for example, often has to be operated outside and therefore has to be mobile, but removing it from its case would mean disturbing sensors. Light and sound engineers like to use the same equipment on every event, without assembling and disassembling it every time. And with police and emergency services, everything has to move as fast as possible, every time.


Not only for these uses, SKB Rack Cases are perfectly suited. Due to the Roto-Mold manufacturing, these racks have a much lighter weight than comparable wooden oder metal racks, while still being extremely rugged. Moulded-in ribs increase stability and make the cases easily and safely stackable.


There are devices that are so sensitive that a standard rack does not suffice. These devices are securely stored in shockmount-racks. Here, the mounting frame is not directly connected with the cases shell, but suspended in a frame fitted with shock absorbers. This protects the electronics from damage from shocks and concussions. It also makes the rack heavier, which is why the cases are fitted with a telescopic trolley for transport.


You will find our selection of rack cases and accessories here.

New items from TANOS coming this fall

On time for the beginning of fall, TANOS has released two new products. The Sortainer "SYS-Sort" and the Systainer "SYS-Combi" add drawers to the Systainer T-Loc Line.

The Drawer-Systainer CLASSIC is still a popular product, although other models of the CLASSIC line are no longer available. The reason is simple: Drawers offer maximum storage on minimum space and are ideal for small parts. That's why a popular set is the combination of a Systainer T-Loc for tools and a Drawer-Systainer for accessories.


Exactly this combination is now available as the Systainer "SYS-Combi": T-Loc Systainer on top, drawer below. Available as T-Loc II and T-Loc III, the "SYS-Combi" is the perfect storage and transportation solution for multi-part tools and powertools with lots of accessories. Store for example your drill in the Systainer with the fitting deep-drawn insert and bits, parts and screws in the drawer. Of course, the "SYS-Combi" is fully compatible with all Systainers of the T-Loc line (except Mini and Micro).


At the same time, TANOS releases the first Drawer-Systainer with T-Loc function. The Sortainer "SYS-Sort IV/3" has the size of the Systainer T-Loc IV, but comes equipped with 3 drawers. Contrary to the Drawer-Systainer of the CLASSIC Line, the "SYS-Sort" is compatible to all T-Loc Systainers without restriction, instead of only being able to connect in one direction.


For screws, nuts and other small parts, equip your drawers with the useful accessories-set: Removable boxes and dividers use the available space even better!

You can find all new items by TANOS in our webshop.

Please note: Due to high demand, availability may be delayed.

ZARGES distinguished for top service quality

ZARGES has been distinguished for the excellent quality of its customer service. The company from Weilheim placed 3rd in the competition "Top Service Deutschland", in a field of 108 contestants from all over Germany. Additionally, ZARGES has been awarded a special price in the category "production, sales, service". The interbranch competition is held by the University of St. Gallen and the "Handelsblatt".

Even more proof that ZARGES does not only produce quality aluminium boxes, but also provides quality service is the new Mobile Box K424 XC. The robust aluminium box is perfectly suited for use in the field and can be upgraded with smooth 125 mm inline wheels or sturdy 220 mm pneumatic tyres in the offroad set. After feedback from kofferfunshop.de, among others, all Mobile Boxes K424 XC that are suited for the offroad set will now be delivered factory prepared and do not have to be sent in to the factory to be furnished for the offroad set. This means that the Mobile Box can be refitted even easier for every purpose.

The fact that ZARGES reacted quickly and positive to the customer feedback after introducing the Mobile Box, shows that the award is absolutely justified. The ZARGES customer service has the same high quality as their aluminium boxes.

All aluminium boxes by ZARGES, as well as accessories, can be found in our webshop.

Black-Cat anti-slip mats secure every load professionally

Load security isn't a subject that many drivers bother with. As long as the trunk closes and the clutch is free, the result of the latest shopping spree at the furniture store is simply stacked in the car. At best, safety belts and a towel "secure" the load. Of course, this does not conform with official load securing duty according to traffic regulations.

But it is so easy - and cheap - to do it professionally. Black-Cat anti-slip mats prevent nearly everything from tumbling around your car. The webbed material clings to every surface, even at angles up to 60°. Incidentally, 60°C is the temperature at which the Black-Cat is machine washable. The thin, tear-resistant mat adapts itself to every surface and can be cut easily with a knife or scissors. With a Black-Cat, your load won't skid even in tight curves or sudden brake maneuvers.

Black-Cat anti-slip mats are available in many different sizes: large mats secure the cargo area, the small eight-sided mat is perfectly suitable to keep your mobile phone on the dashboard. And there are even anti-slip mats for TANOS Systainers and TANOS Mobile shelves, as well as mats sold by the meter (on request).

You will find a selection of anti-slip mats in our shop. To find out about more sizes available, give us a call.

Strike at the German Postal Service

Dear customers,
as you have learned from the media, the staff of several DHL-centres in Germany are currently on strike. This strike obviously not only affects letter post, but also parcels and therefore mail-order businesses.
Of course, we aim to keep the inconvenience for you as small as possible. Nevertheless, in some cases, the runtime of a parcel can be delayed, which leads to a longer delivery time. Please consider this, plan ahead and place your order in a timely manner.
Should your order be urgent, it is best that you contact us before placing your order. Please make sure to note that the delivery is urgent when placing your order. We will do our best to provide you with a satisfactory solution.
Last but not least, we ask you to understand that the strike and the inconveniences it causes are beyond your control. A prompt delivery cannot be guaranteed with regular shipping. A delivery on schedule can only be guaranteed with express delivery. Please give us a call and we will arrange it for you.

Should you have any questions regarding your order, give us a call. The team of kofferfunshop.de will be glad to help you.

ZARGES Mobile Box K424 XC - new at Kofferfunshop

Mobility is an issue for everybody. And if protection is equally important, the new Mobile Box K424 XC is just the right thing.

K424 XC 99 l

Who can't relate: The tools need to get to the building site. The instruments to the measuring point. The jerseys to the stadium, the cameras to the set, the climbing gear to the basecamp. And everything needs to be stored securely. For these and many more uses, the Mobile Box K424 XC was developed. Made with the familiar ZARGES-quality, it offers high stability and light weight, due to 1 mm strong, welded aluminum sheet. Stacking corners and spring handles make for perfect handling, while the circumferential gasket protects the interior from dust and splash water.

K424 XC Features

All these features distinguish the entire ZARGES-range of products. What makes the Mobile Box unique is its trolley: serially, it comes with smooth running 50 mm plastic wheels and a long, telescopic handle (K424 XC 120 l features an additional spring handle with trolley function). Since the trolley is mounted externally, it does not reduce the available space in the box. To increase ground clearance, simply add the 125 mm inline-wheels to your Mobile Box. These are easily installed without tools. And if you head into rough terrain or up the stairs, the offroad set with 220 mm pneumatic tyros and additional feet makes the K424 XC an all-terrain box.

K424 XC Offroad

The new Mobile Box also impresses with its extensive accessories: with the removable carry- and lid bag, it becomes a sturdy traveling case. Protected by the electronic lock, you can transport sensitive documents. Foam lining and cubed foam sets make the Mobile Box a mobile tool box that can be additionally secured with the robust stay rope.

K424 XC Deckel

You can find the new K424 XC-series by Zarges in our webshop. The versatile accessories can be found here.

New special offers on aluminium boxes by ALUTEC

Didn't you always plan to get rid of your cardboard boxes and replace them with nice and durable aluminium? Well, now is the perfect time.

In our special offers, you will find many aluminium boxes by ALUTEC from now on. These long-lasting boxes are perfect for long-time storage.

You can find all our special offers here:

Alutec C76l

Midi-Systainer T-Loc configurable now available

At first, the configurable Systainer T-Loc was intended to be a special offer during the World Cup in Brazil. But the colour-customization is so popular with our customers that we decided to make it a permanent article in our webshop. After all, every case gets more distinguished if it shows your company colours - or simply your favorite colours.


Now, we want to go a step further: From now on, you will find not only the standard-sized Systainer T-Loc as a configurable version at kofferfunshop.de, but also the larger Midi-Systainer T-Loc. This variation is suited for powertools that are too big for the T-Loc I-V. As usual, it is fully compatible to the Systainer T-Loc I-V and is designed to fit on euro-pallets.

You will find the configurable Midi-Systainer T-Loc in our webshop, available in the sizes II and III.

Systainer shipments during the holidays 2014/15

Due to the holiday season, from 12/18/2014 until 01/06/2015, Systainers will only be shipped from our store in Bonn. Please place your orders in time. From 01/07/2015, shipments will be resumed as usual.

If your Systainers cannot be shipped in 2014, you can still receive a facture for the year 2014, if you so wish.


T-Loc Systainers with lid compartment by Tanos - now available in all sizes

There are few storage solutions that beat the Tanos T-Loc Systainer regarding flexibility. With its many foam and deep-drawn inserts, the Systainer can be adjusted to fit nearly every need. Additionally, the handy locking system allows for easy, one handed access and safe interlocking in a tower. Thus, the T-Loc Systainer offers maximum stowage on minimum space. If that still does not suffice, the lid compartment brings even more. It has space for small parts that would otherwise lie loosely about the Systainer - perfect for power tools in the Systainer and small accessories in the lid compartment.
However, the Systainer with lid compartment is only available in the size II. But many of our customers have their own ideas on how to use their Systainer and want a different size with lid compartment. For this reason, we have decided to offer all sizes with lid compartment in our webshop.

The T-Loc Systainer V is now available with lid compartment.

The T-Loc Systainer in the sizes I-V with lid compartment has even more storage space than its regular counterpart. The transparent lid compartment comes with a set of dividers that allow it to be adjusted to the exact proportions you need.

The Systainer with lid compartment is available in the colours light grey and anthracite. Please be advised that the sizes I, III, IV and V are custom made and non-returnable.

Insulation-Systainers by Tanos now available in our webshop

The T-Loc Systainer by Tanos is a versatile, practical and very flexible storage solution. The new insulation insert turns it into a useful cooler box. The Insulation-Systainer is available from our webshop.

The Insulation-Systainer by Tanos has enough space for 0.7 l bottles.

The Insulation-Systainer was developed for medical use and fulfills the requirements for the substance class UN 3373. But it so happens that it also makes for a handy cooler box for drinks or barbecue supplies. It also works the other way around: The insulation keeps cold contents cold and warm contents warm. It is fantastically suited to transport lunch from the takeaway. The separately sold dividers prohibit cooler packs from touching the contents. If you should not need the insert at some point, it can be removed and the Systainer can be used empty. Or it can be filled with one of the many trays. Meanwhile, the EPP-insert can simply be cleaned in the dishwasher.


The Insulation-Systainer is alternatively available with a Neopor-insert. This robust insert offers professional cooling, combined with all the advantages of a T-Loc Systainer. The Insulation-Systainer is available in light grey and anthracite and in the sizes III-V.

Coming soon in our webshop: Systainer bundles containing Insulation-Systainers.

Last chance - get your configurable Systainer at a special price

On sunday, Germany plays Argentina for the World Cup. We could not be more excited. But no matter who wins, our special offer finally ends. When we introduced the configurable T-Loc Systainer to our webshop and made it available as a special offer, as long as Germany stays in the tournament, we did not expect it to last for the whole world cup. But on sunday, it will be over. So this is your last chance to get a T-Loc Systainer by TANOS in your favorite colour configuration for the price of a basic T-Loc Systainer.


Over the course of the world cup, our german Systainer grew from a T-Loc I to a T-Loc V. Will it beat the argentinian Systainer? The odds could not be better. Germany defeated Argentina in the previous two world cups: 2006 in a thrilling penalty shootout, with Jens Lehmann's now famous scrap of paper. And 2010, Germany swept away Diego Maradona's Squad in a stunning 4:0 victory. Spirits are high after the unbelievable 7:1 victory against Brazil, and the fourth title is within reach.

Here, you can find the special offer. Simply choose your preferred Systainer size and the colours for the Systainer, handle and latch. You can freely combine these colours:

Carmine Red
Daffodil Yellow
Deep Orange
Emerald Green
Heaven Blue
Light Grey
Sapphire Blue
Signal Blue (Latch only)

With flexible inserts, protective foam and useful accessories, your personal Systainer becomes even more individual.

World Cup 2014 promotion - show your colours with a configurable systainer

You can now freely configure your own personal Systainer in our webshop. Assemble your T-Loc Systainer here in your favorite colours or company colours.

This is it. The big one. After the stunning 7:1 victory against Brazil, Argentina is the last obstacle. They field and impressive squad, led by the holder of the Ballon d'Or in the years 2009-2012, Lionel Messi. Argentina faced Germany in the last two world cups and lost both times. 2006 in a thrilling penalty shootout, featuring Jens Lehmann's now famous scrap of paper. 2010, the Germans crushed Messi and his then coach, Diego Maradona, in a 4:0 victory. Our guess: Argentina will not be a pushover, but it is time for a fourth star. Germany takes the trophy.

Here, you can find the special offer. Simply choose your preferred Systainer size and the colours for the Systainer, handle and latch. You can freely combine these colours:

Carmine Red
Daffodil Yellow
Deep Orange
Emerald Green
Heaven Blue
Light Grey
Sapphire Blue
Signal Blue (Latch only)

With flexible inserts, protective foam and useful accessories, your personal Systainer becomes even more individual.

Peli Elite Cooler - The cordless cooler

The new Peli Elite Coolers are the latest addition to our inventory.

These coolers deserve to be called "elite" in every respect as they are nothing but the pinnacle of outdoor/offshore coolers.
This makes them a great choice if you want to go on a camping, fishing or hunting trip that requires a mobile fridge/freezer unit to keep your supplies, catch or game fresh for several days.

Peli Elite Coolers combine the uncompromising quality standards of any Peli protector case with an insulation system which grants ice retention of seven to ten days and tons of other smart design features:

- Freezer grade gasket with 5cm (2") polyurethane insulation
- Dual handle system with ergonomic grips
- Press & pull latches
- Moulded-in tie downs
- Nonskid & non-marking raised feet
- Moulded-in lock hasp, stainless steel plate
- Sloped drain & threaded plug (attachable to garden hose)
- Corrosion resistant steel hardware


Equipped with quick snap latches for easy access and safe locking.


We rarely go hunting or fishing, but the camping and BBQ season has just started. An Elite Cooler will sure make an impression at the next BBQ event and make sure that your beverages will stay chilled any time.


This 33l (35 QT) cooler can easily store 12 large soda bottles and keep them cool for up to ten days.


The Peli Elite Coolers are available in our webshop. Please click here for details.

TV-celebrity Mark Davis (Big Water Adventures) has lots of tips and advise on how to use a Peli Elite Cooler to its full potential. Please click here for further information.

Behind the Scenes: How we store our photo gear

You might be aware that we don't use stock photos in our web shop and that we create the vast majority of the graphic material ourselves.

Today we want to take you "behind the scenes" and show you how we store our equipment.


We use a set of Zarges Euro 240l Zarges Eurobox 240l which accommodate lighting material and misc. items. (Please click the product name for details.)


A pair of Zarges Eurobox 063l contains the lighting and camera tripods. (Please click the product name for details.)


To ensure mobility we installed the wheel upgrade which turns a standard box into a mobile container. (Please click here for details.)


The additional foam layer grants additional protection for our lamps. (Foam interior lining for each Zarges Eurobox is available in our shop. (Please click here for details.)

Peli 1510 now available in yellow again

The popular Peli Case 1510 is now available in yellow again. After a brief pause, we now have the trolley case back in stock.

You can find it in our webshop here.

The Peli Case 1510 in yellow is back in stock.

Enjoy the great outdoors

The temperatures are rising, the birds are singing and people are crowding the ice cream parlours. It´s springtime and the outdoors season is approaching.

I´m really looking forward to my camping and canoeing trip to Sweden in July and I´m already preparing my gear. You may find that it´s a bit early but I like to plan ahead and I´m also enjoying the anticipation.

You might be aware that I enjoy the privilege of having access to the finest storage equipment money can buy as I run this nifty case shop, thus, I decided to prepare our car with a couple of Zarges aluminium boxes. In my book these boxes are the best choice to transport your gear while traveling the wilderness of Scandinavia:

- they are light weight, sturdy and survive rough handling
- withstand all weather conditions to keep our clothes dry
- repel animals which might be interested in our food
- use the cargo space to full capacity as they are perfectly stackable
- keep away pilferers as I can look them with standard padlocks
- and the smooth metal finish has a nice feel and looks very classy

To be honest, you don´t have to take the full monty and put all your stuff in Zarges boxes like I do, but still I do recommend that you use (at least) one Zarges box to store goods which need some extra protection. No matter if you go on a road trip, camping, climbing, sailing, or to the beach, a Zarges box is a great travel mate which will keep you good company for a very long time.


You can find a wide range of aluminium boxes in our web shop: Please click here for details.

To get much box for the buck (a great thing if you are on a tight budged) you can make a bargain deal as we list some second best boxes with minor dents and scratches.
Check out our second best goods and click here to download the catalogue.

P.S. Somehow this inspires me to talk about my last canoeing trip and my peli case. I will write about this next week.

Custom built foam inlays made to measure for your precious equipment

Many of our customers think that we are a mere retailer. Sure, we can provide you with any kind of Peli Cases, Tanos Systainers, Zarges aluminium boxes, Parat tool boxes and what have you.

We love these products because we appreciate smart design, thoughtful engineering, the thorough craftsmanship and the great commitment which our suppliers put in their products to provide you with the best gear money can buy.

Even if these products are very adaptable, there are times when an off-the-shelf solution doesn't fit a customer's needs. Sometimes your sensitive equipment will not fit in a standard issue case.

If you have special need it takes a specialist to take care of that. We are this specialist. Since we run our own workshop, we can customize your case and make made to measure foam inlays. Mathias, our workshop supervisor, has years of experience under his belt and makes sure that every piece lives up to our standards.

We are the right people to talk to when you are in a hurry and literally needed you custom built case built yesterday. We are always on standby and are often able to create your foam inlay within a few hours.

This custom made panel firmly stores a young artist´s musical gear - and looks quite nifty, don´t you think?

This custom made panel firmly stores a young artist´s musical gear - and it looks good.

If you want to give yourself a try at customizing your foam inlay you can find a broad variety of ready-to-use foam kits and "raw" foam sheets in our webshop: https://www.kofferfunshop.de/en/foam/foam.html

The new assortment-bundle - How would you use it?

If you follow us un a regular basis, you might have figured out that we love the T-Loc Systainers by Tanos and we do so for various reasons.

I do believe that the T-Loc Systainer line is a jack of all trades and a solution to problems yet to come. No matter if you are a hobbyist or a professional craftsman a well configured Systainer can save you time and storage space while offering easy access and good protection.

As TANOS keeps inventing great new Systainers, we keep creating new well-though-out bundles to help you finding the best Systainer combination for your needs - and to save some money.

The "Assortment Bundle" is one of our latest creations. Combining the brand new Systainer Storage Box with the Tool Box 2 and the venerable Drawer Systainer
this bundle offers a great combination of usability, storage space and flexibility for storing and transporting tools and equipment.


I use this combination to store my tools and various hobby utensils.

The Tool Box 2 accommodates any kind of larger tools while the Storage Box and Drawer-Systainer
are perfectly suitable to store my airbrush and hot soldering equipment. Click here to find this handy bundle in our webshop

I'm sure that you can also think of a million applications so let us know how you would use this combination. Just drop a line or a face book comment.


We will release many new bundles this month. Some of these bundles will combine the brand new Systainer storage box and the handy Systainer Tool-Box 2.

This is your chance to get your first set of Systainers if you are a Systainer newbie or a Systainer pro and wish to complement your Systainer collection with some new handy products designed and made in Germany.

Any way, we will make you an offer which you can't refuse.

For an overview of our current bundles and special offers please click here

Tales from a case-vendor's life: How a bunch of Systainers streamlined our household

Every year, my wife and I do our spring-cleaning during our new-years holiday.

Every year we accumulate a pile of half used-up shampoo-bottles, toothpaste-tubes, cans with gungy shoe-polish, you name it.

This year we decided that getting rid our messy collection of useless stuff is not enough. We decided that we want to optimize our shelve space and that our household should be more streamlined.
I thought what I could do so that we can store our stuff in a neat and clean way, which grants easy access and does not consume too much space. I was joking when I said “ Well, honey. Do you want me to get us some Systainers from the shop and we will see how they turn out?” She said: “Ok, why not, let's give them a try.”
This is what we did. I was surprised that the Systainers perfectly matched our requirements. Due to the interlock system we can easily stack them and the T-Loc latch grants easy access. This is more we could hope for.

By now, we replaced our old household storage boxes with different Systainers, Tool Box 1 and 2 and the new Tanos storage box to be precise.

IMG_0830 IMG_0829

By now, we replaced our old household storage boxes with different Systainers, Tool Box 1 and 2 and the new Tanos Systainer Storage-Box to be precise. (To find the Systainers in our shop, please click the product name.)

You might say that that German case vendor guy is a bit crazy using Systainers in his household and maybe you are right, maybe it's a bit exaggerated. Still, our household Systainers illustrate how flexibly Systainer can be applied, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and phantasy.

A biker´s perils - How a Peli Case saved Christmas

I bike to work almost every day. I love riding my bicycle. I love the fresh air, the exercise and the fact that I can evade the high gas prices. I just put on my jacket and grab my trusty Macbook and off I go. Still, biking in the city traffic can be quite adventurous from time to time.

Well, Bonn-Beuel is not Rome or New York and compared to these places the traffic is a piece of cake. But you can easily imagine that the combination of a rainy, cobbled street, stressed out motorists and tram rails can be devastating.

When I went through a bend I got distracted by a honking car and my front wheel got caught in the tram rails. Thus my bike and I went into different directions and needles to say, even though I enjoyed the brief moment of weightlessness, I lost the fight with gravity and found myself hugging the pavement. During my brief flight I thought: “Oh no! My Macbook won´t survive this.” And the loud “Bang!” when my bag hit the cobblestones made me pretty sure that I just caused the death of my precious Macbook (which I dearly need for writing my texts…)

It took me some moments to regain my composure and then I realized “Hey, maybe my knee hurts but apart from that I don´t have to worry about anything because I was smart enough to put my Macbook in a Peli laptop case. I got up, took my bike, collected my case and opened it. The case had done it´s job perfectly - the Mac was unharmed and the only thing that happened to the case is that it now bears a small dent – a battle scar I will show with pride as my Peli saved the day and kept me from buying a costly new Macbook, a thing which would have caused a severe drain to my funds and which might have caused that my Christmas would not be as happy as I wish it to be. In this respect the Peli save my Christmas.


Sometimes it´s good to work for a case retailer and to be prepared for incidents like this. My lesson for the day: Accidents will happen and it´s better to be safe than sorry.

I do regard my Peli as a kind of "life-insurance" for my devices and I do recommend that you think about getting proper protection for you precious and expensive phones, tablets, netbooks and laptops you will give away for Christmas.

You can find all kinds of protective gear in the webshop. Click this link p and visit our shop and take a look at the line of Peli cases designed for laptops and MacBooks: https://www.kofferfunshop.de/en/cases-for-apple-products/cases-for-apple-

We wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We are looking forward to see you again in 2014.


From 16.12.2012 till 07.01.2014 systainers will be shipped from our warehouse in Bonn. The Tanos factory in Illertssen will be closed and won´t deliver any goods.

If you so wish you can get a 2013 invoice for the goods which can´t be delivered this year.

New-Products-in-December: Tanos Boxes-Systainer-with-7-and-9-compartments

New this month:

The Tanos Boxes-Systainer is the assortment of the future:

A deep-drawn piece in the bottom locates the single boxes which are available in 5 different sizes. These handy compartments grant a maximum of flexibility. Store and carry small objects such as screws, bolts and nuts in any size. You can easily swap the different compartments and thus adjust the Systainer to match the demands of your current job.

We offer several sets with up to 29 compartments. Click this link https://goo.gl/yy6JKO to visit the Boxes-Systainer section in our webshop

This month the systainers with 7 or 9 compartments are also available.



Peli-Hardigg Rack Mount Case Black Box Series

New at Kofferfunshop: Peli-Hardigg Rack Mount Case Black Box Series

The Peli-Hardigg Black Box series is a great line of rack mount cases which combines the flexibility of rack mounts with Peli´s high quality standards. Peli-Hardigg rack mounts sport a unique combination of resilient plastic shells, rugged steel frames and patented internal shock absorbers which protect your gear and equipment during rough rides and flights. This makes the Black Box series a perfect solution for the transport of:

  • Sensitive stage equipment
  • Mobile video/audio recording systems
  • Radio/satellite communication systems


(Please click on the case for further details.)

The Black Box rack mounts are light-weight and compact, environmental friendly as the external shells are manufactured from recycled materials and come at a reasonable price.

The Peli-Hardigg Black Box series combines perfectly with our line of rack case accessories which are now available in our online shop. (Click HERE for details.)

Peli-Hardigg special gear: Field Desk

Standard desks are limited to indoor use. But some times unusual needs call for unusual solutions. The Peli-Hardigg Field Desk allows you to take your administrative infrastructure where you need it. Being designed for the US-military the field desk is a perfect choice for:

  • Construction sites
  • Command centers
  • Open air music and sporting events
  • Forestry, fishing, hunting, agriculture

The collapsible field desk transforms from a handy trolley into a full-fledged desk which includes a desktop, drawers for your gear and documents and foldable chairs.


The Peli-Hardigg outdoor desks are available as "Double Duty Field Desk" and as "Single Field Desk".

Please click pictures for further details:


Our first video tutorial is online

We just launched the first video in our new tutorial series! You can find a short and comprehensive tutorial on how you can easily replace the catch of your Tanos T-Loc Systainer here.


Tutorial on YouTube

Redesign of our Systainer section

After the arrival of the T-Loc Mini Systainer and the T-Loc Midi-Systainer III a redesign of the Systainer section became necessary .

As no items are no longer listed multiple times, a single section can now accommodate all our Systainers.
Designing the new section, we took great care that you can now order the entire line of accessories in addition to he matching Systainers.


The Systainer strongbox is now available in our shop. We offer worldwide shipping.


Coming-soon: New series of tutorial videos to arrive this fall

This fall we a will release a new series of tutorial videos. As the new Tanos T-Loc Systainers are highly in demand, there are many questions that keep our customer´s support busy:

“Is the T-Loc catch removable?”
“How can I change the T-Loc catch”
“Can I get my T-Loc catch in a different colour?”
“How can I remove the handle?”
“How can I separate the lid- and bottom-parts?”

We think that the best way to provide you with answers to a question like these is a tutorial video. I our upcoming video tutorial we will give you exact step-by-step guides
in which we show you how you can repair and customize your Tanos T-Loc Systainers using simple tools.

Kofferfunshop – Behind the Scenes:


We turned our shop into a studio.

The entire line of Tanos Systainers and the complementary accessories is available in our web shop.

T-Loc Systainers and the German day of handcraft and artisanry

German Day of Handcraft and Artisanry - Systainer trade-in campaign and special offers

Today is the German Day of Handcraft in Artisanry in Germany and we offer our German customers many special offers and discount, but as we are not much into preferential treatment, we will offer our valued English-speaking customers the same:

To celebrate this special day we decided to extend our T-Loc Systainer trade-in campaign: Bring your old Classic-Systainer (Mark I-V) and get a brand-new T-Loc Systainer for a special discount price.

The new Tanos T-Loc Systainers are all the rage and an upgrade from Classic to T-Loc makes sense for every craftsman who already uses them.

The T-Locs are as robust and sturdy as their predecessors. The big enhancement is the t-shaped fastener which enables you to operate the Systainer with a single hand, but the greatest improvement is that you are now able to open a systainer while it is combined with others.

hwk_home01 Systainer T-Loc Umtauschaktion

Great bundles for craftsmen and artisans:

Our mechanic bundle offers you increased mobility in your shop and while you are away on a job.

You can combine the six T-Loc Systainers to fit your needs. The included dolly enables you to comfortably shove your combined systainers and puts an end to inconveniently carrying heavy stocks.


The mechanic bundle in detail:

- 1 x Systainer Tool-Box 2
- 2 x Systainer T-Loc I
- 1 x Systainer T-Loc II with integrated assortment box in lid
- 1 x Systainer T-Loc III
- 1 x Systainer T-Loc IV
- 1 x roller board SYS-CART

Our tool bundle tool bundle puts your gear where you need it. The tool trays store pincers, screwdrivers and Co.
Larger tools and equipment fits neatly in the other compartments.

Systainer Werkzeugpaket

The tool bundle in detail:

- 1 x Systainer T-LOC I
- 1 x Systainer T-LOC II
- 1 x tool Systainer T-LOC III-2 tool lid trays
- 1 x Systainer T-LOC IV

Visit our website and find other hand bundles and useful accessories. Order your Systainer online or pay us a visit in our shop in Bonn/Germany.

Aluminium - A jack of all trades

An aluminium container can be flexibly applied in your daily life and your business.

No matter if you want to store important documents or if you want to transport tools, luggage or your sports-gear on a roof-rack, an aluminium box is always a good choice.

One of the reasons for this flexibility is the high resilience that characterises a good aluminium container.
Our ALUTEC boxes are designed with a maximum of robustness in mind: Made from
0.8 mm – 1.0 mm aluminium sheets and featuring additional stiffening ribs, reinforced rivets and welding spots they reach a level of toughness that remains unmatched by plastic boxes.

If you use it appropriately, an aluminium box will serve you very well for many years and can be regarded as a sensible investment in a long-lasting and sustainable product.

We currently offer a special discount on this versatile 40l ALUTEC box. Click here for details.

Aluminum beats plastic

Plastics have great characteristics. They are versatile and very cheap. This is why most modern day commodities are made of plastics. Storage and transport are no exception to that. Boxes and containers manufactured from plastics are cheap and handy but they are not always the right choice. A direct comparison to aluminium reveals the limits of plastics. As plastic boxes and containers are prone to scratches and cracks, aluminium is much more durable. Aluminium is especially superior when used outdoors. It´s weather-and temperature proof and stands the test of time much better compared to ordinary plastics. It´s the combination of longevity, sturdiness and the appealing look that makes aluminium boxes the right choice for customers with high requirements and sophisticated standards.

AluTec Aluminium box powder coated ALUTEC offers powder coated aluminuim boxes. For further details please visit our webshop.

Choose the right box for each purpose

Aluminium boxes – Choose the right box for each purpose

Currently some vendors offer nice looking alu-boxes for very low competitive prices.
We were quite excited to hear that there are new products available but our excitement didn't last very long: Many of your customers shared their experience with us and told us that low priced merchandise from outside the EU can be difficult:

We had learned that they bought aluminium boxes that were supposed to be manufactured from durable 1 mm aluminium sheets and advertised as a sturdy and even airworthy transport solution. Some customers received containers that didn't survive their first employment as joints and rivets burst open - some boxes even got severely smashed and mangled during the initial transport to the customer – a loss for them by any means.

These boxes were manufactured from much thinner material as advertised (0.8mm instead of 1mm) and were quite sloppily assembled. Our customers had chosen the wrong product and lost money and their precious cargo.

We want to spare you a hassle like that – As we always say: Better be safe than sorry!
Chose quality made in Europe and don´t get fooled by cheap merchandise.

A storage box is intended to provide a safe space for your valuable goods and is usually manufactured from 0.8 mm -1 mm aluminium sheets and are assembled from several pieces that were riveted and welded together. These containers are meant for storage and are well suited for your garage, your attic and your trunk, for example the ALUTEC Aluminium Box B-Series

ALUTEC Aluminium Box B-Series

A transport box is designed to withstand the harsh and rough conditions of daily transport. Our ZARGES K470 aluminum boxes were designed with the ATA 300 – standard in mind and are guaranteed to last 100 flights.

ZARGES Aluminium K470 airworthy

Better be safe than sorry - protect your IT from the elements (...and gravity)

When you run a business and use mobile devices, you know that your IT is one of your most valuable assets.

We love your techy gadgets – and to be honest, we at kofferfunshop.de are true Apple fan boys.

We use our MacBooks and iPads for our everyday business. We use them for accounting, warehouse management and even in our workshop and expose them to a lot of strain.

Last week, we experienced a pipe burst and our IT storage room got a serious water damage. Luckily, we always store our iPads and MacBooks in a Peli case. This spared us a costly damage and saved us from a serious data loss. But it doesn't always take a leaking pipe to remind you of the importance of protecting your IT.

Yesterday, Klaus, our boss, accidentally dropped his iPad while rearranging some items in our showroom. Luckily, the precious iPad survived the 1,5m drop on solid concrete as the trusty Peli Micro was there to save the day.

This reminded us that accidents can always happen and when disaster strikes, it´s always good to be prepared. You too can save your devices (and your data!) with our range of iPad and MacBook Cases. Of course we do offer customized storage solutions with different sizes and other dimensions for devices that fit any other mobile computers and laptops.

Peli iPad and MacBook Case
For further details on the Peli Case 1620 suitable for 20 iPads click here.

Take a look at the laptop and MacBook section in our webshop and get in touch with our customer support in case you have further questions. We are looking forward to your enquiry.

Second best aluminium containers by ZARGES are now available

We keep a small stock of high-quality ZARGES aluminum containers, that come with little flaws such as small dents and scratches, and offer them with a good discount.


To ensure quality, we make sure that our 2nd best items offer the same usability as their first choice counterparts:

- made and designed in Germany by ZARGES

- manufactured from durable, high-grade aluminium sheets

- fully welded joints

- corner crimping

- fully riveted joints

The only difference you will notice is the price.

In other words, if you need an almuninium container but don´t mind a little scratch, you might consider going for one of our second best ZARGES boxes.

Please keep in mind that our stock of 2nd best containers is limited - be quick and order yours today!

For details, please visit our webshop and our online catalogue

Customize your case with our foam

If there are no off-the-shelf solutions that fit your needs - go custom!

We offer a wide range of material to customize your case: You can choose from high-quality dimple foam panels, pre-cut cubed foam pieces and divider systems, which perfectly fit your case and can easily be adjusted to provide save storage for your valuable goods.


Our experience is your advantage: We are happy to offer our know-how and can outfit your case according to your specs. You can choose from the aforementioned materials or can even go one step further and choose a tailor-made inlay, created with the latest computerized water jet cutting technology.


Simply ask us and we will find the best solution for you.


Click here for further details

The new mechanic bundle is now available

The Tanos Systainer Toolbox 2 is the latest gear released by Tanos this summer.

We at www.kofferfunshop.de know that professional craftsmen need a tailor-made solution that combines generous storage capacities, convenient access and mobility.

We answer our customer´s call and give you our new mechanic-bundle:


The bundle includes:

1 x Systainer Tool-Box 2
2 x Systainer T-Loc I
1 x Systainer T-Loc II with integrated assortment box in lid
1 x Systainer T-Loc III
1 x Systainer T-Loc IV
1 x Roller board SYS-CART

But don´t let the name fool you, even if it´s designed with the needs of pros in mind, hobbyists will find the bundle handy, too.

Available in light grey and anthracite.

If you buy now you will enjoy a special bundle rebate and save some money. (Well, you will save quite a lot, but we don´t want to brag doubt it..)

Click here for details: https://goo.gl/1Ms3F

Toolbox 2 is now available

We got used to Systainers with lids and we use them on a daily basis. By introducing the Systainer Tool-Box 1 last year, Tanos showed us that Systainers not necessarily need a lids at all. Back then nobody could anticipate that the Toolbox 1 would be become a huge success. Now Tanos releases the Toolbox 2 which is as high as the Systainer IV.


The advantage: More room for your tools! Needless to say that the Systainer toolbox connects with Classic- and T-Loc Systainers. In return the toolboxes are interconnectable as well.

If you don´t want to carry it in your hand, you can use a shoulder belt. The Toolbox 2 is compatible with the new roller board SYS-CART.

Systainer Toolbox 2

Midi-Systainer II is now available.

Midi-Systainer II is now available.

The Systainer II by Tanos is now available. It combines with all T-Loc Systainers. It is designed to contain larger objects that exceed a square measure of 400x300mm. The Midi-Systainers are not suited to connect to Classic-Systainers.


Midi-Systainers are available in charcoal-grey and light-grey.

3 new Micro-Cases by Peli: Memory Card Case suitable for mini SD and micro SD, Memory Card Case for flash cards, Sport Wallet.

New from Peli and highly anticipated: Exclusive to the USA for a long time, now available in Europe.

Memory Card Case suitable for mini SD and micro SD.


Memory Card Case for flash cards.


Sport Wallet.


With these Micro-Cases water- and dust-proof storage of memory card in carrying cases such as the Peli Case 1510 SC oder 1510 WD is now possible.


Happy New Year 2013

We wish our clients a happy New Year 2013. We look forward to doing business with you again and wish you all the best.

Systainer shipping during the last/first days of 2012/2013

From 18.12.2012 until 03.01.2013 we ship systainers only ex stock Bonn. Please place your order in time.

You will get for merchant which will not be shipped in 2012 an invoice, if desired.


Special discount for soccer clubs

Since a long time, we have Mobile Boxes from Zarges in our webshop and our shop in Bonn. This well-developed case has several special features that are otherwise not to be found in an aluminum box. First, the retractable telescopic handle can be mentioned which allows the aluminum box to be rolled. An inside pocket ensures that garments such as football shirts can be stored safely. An empty aluminum box is not suitable for permanent storage because aluminum can cause "rust"-spots on clothes that may not be removed completely from the​ fabric.


Thus, the Mobile Box is an ideal football shirt box for soccer clubs which can also be used as a table. We offer a special discount of 11% on every Mobile Box until the end of this year for soccer clubs, but, of course, every sports club can order on presentation of the club registration with us.


Zarges Mobile Boxes (football shirt box)

Peli Case 1560 - Why travelling can be safe

The world is becoming more mobile - it's a known fact! What determines our daily thoughts and actions when we are mobile finds its expression in our luggage. Surely a Peli Case is not intended for normal travellers, but the boundaries are blurring. The peaceful holiday journey is not only beach and sun, the business travel not only jacket and tie. The company Peli has again reacted to these demands and introduced two new models. It is noticeable that the Peli Case 1510 had a similar model fit.

First of all, we have the...

Peli Case 1560 SC


This case has been desired by the market for a long time. The photographic equipment transported along with the laptop, that is what a photographer wants. Only in this way a continuous image quality can be achieved digitally. The Peli Case 1560 SC offers plenty of room for professional equipment and can also accommodate laptops, hard drives and cables.

... and the model with foam

Peli Case 1560 LFC


Both cases are equipped with a trolley, airworthy and have IP67 - they are well prepared for all impasses. You can lock the cases with padlocks. Not to forget, the dry cartridge, the so-called silica gel. They keep the case dry, because it is also waterproof from the inside.

Peli Case 1510 - From boardcase to all-rounder

Who has ever flown knows that luggage plays a major role when the flight should be commenced in a balanced way. This fact has brought the Peli company to develop the Peli Case 1510. With the Peli Case 1510 LOC (standing for: Laptop Overnight Case), Peli came up first with the idea that the case can also be good for traveling, especially if one wants to take his laptop.

But you do not only need a laptop when you go travelling, oh no. Virtually everyone who has to do with photography and film, is now dependent on electronics. Peli has recognized this and brought out two new models:

Peli Case 1510 SC (standing for Separator Computer)



Peli Case 1510 LFC (standing for Laptop Foam Computer)


The LFC offers possibilities of a truly classical instruments' case. The foam protects the electronic devices to a maximum.

The SC will initiate a sigh of relief with all Peli fans because this case has been eagerly awaited. It now offers the first opportunity to combine photographic equipment with a laptop. Here, the already known divider set (WD standing for With Divider) is used. Due to the rigid foam, it offers the possibility to place photo equipment, in many individual parts, in the appropriate compartments.

The hard foam provides enough padding for the equipment. In general, foam should not be used for photographic equipment since the foam might produce statically charged abrasion. This can stick to a camera set (the shown example is only recommended to limited extent).

Particularly useful is the possibility to also use the laptop sleeve which is attached to the lid with velcro, as a protective cover outside the case.

Needless to say, that the Peli Case 1510 is (like all Peli Cases) waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant, thus the ideal case for protecting your equipment.

Storm Cases - The lightweight cases for professional photographers

After nearly a year's work on the Storm Cases section, we have now reached our target. We can offer all Storm Cases which are important for photographers with a divider set. The advantage for photographers is obvious: The cases are lighter, the divider sets have a thicker padding, the latches are easy to handle.

Especially good is the fact that all divider sets are offered in a so-called collapse mode. You can fold them out and put them in the case. If you need only the empty case, the divider set can be folded and stored away in a space-saving way.

The divider sets are now also complemented with lid organizers that provide additional space for small items in the case. So everything is in its place when the work starts.

In order to make the cases attractive in the pricing, we have decided to offer the cases as a bundle which is not provided by the manufacturer in this way. We offer all cases with a divider set in a bundle price which is about 10% lower than the retail prices.

Boxes-Systainer T-Loc with 2 different combinations

Our well-tried Boxes-Systainers with 32 and 17 compartments will be left behind with a nostalgic feeling, because Classic-Line systainers from TANOS have come to an end.
New, and even better are the successors with 29 and 17 compartments, which we offer now in the T-Loc version. The advantage: the famous combinations remain almost the same. Now no more laborious repackaging.


Boxes-Systainer T-Loc with 17 compartments

Boxes-Systainer T-Loc with 29 compartments

Systainer Classic-Line - An era comes to its end

Starting on 01/05/2012, we will deliver only remnants of the systainer Classic-Line. All Classic-Line systainer orders that can be delivered entirely in Classic-Line will leave our warehouse and will be shipped ex works (delivery delay: about 2 weeks). If we can't deliver the order completely in Classic-Line, we will deliver the corresponding T-Loc systainer instead.

We are committed to clearing our warehouse completely from Classic-Line systainers in order to make room for the new T-Loc systainers. Thus, the Classic-Line systainer will only be available for a short time.

Peli Case 1560 laptop travel case defines travelling in a new way

Already the Peli Case 1510 LOC was a surprise, because then a board case was available which made it possible for anyone who took a laptop with him/her while travelling, to accommodate everything: clothes, the laptop and accessories.
Now, Peli comes up with something even better: the Peli Case 1560 LOC. This case is for everybody who travels a lot, the ideal solution when a lot of baggage has to be transported.

Due to the large compartment for clothes, spending a few days is now easily possible, a laptop of the 17 "category is in no time put in, and plenty of room for router, cables, chargers, etc. is still available.

Because of the fact that the Peli Case is a very stable protector case, it is a suitcase for everybody who does not only make simple office travels, but is really working outside of the office. Who has not yet experienced that a conventional suitcase does not meet the requirements of daily hard work? Definitely everyone who is working outside the office as field staff. Peli defines the suitcase in a new way: it is the outer shell of daily routine on building sites which has tough requirements and asks for many miles on the road.


Peli Case 1560 LOC laptop travel case

TANOS presents the systainer toolbox

TANOS presents the toolbox - the consistent refinement of an ordinary bucket for tools, based on the systainer-technique. The new toolbox is intended as a hybrid solution: it consists of elements from the Classic-line and T-Loc-systainers, which are intended as links to the individual systainer version.

The toolbox is an open tool-case, where the articles can be placed in and taken out without having to use a lid. In addition, several toolboxes can be stacked and linked with each other - as long as the tools don't overlap. Furthermore, the toolbox makes use of the Classic-line linking system, in order to link with the toolbox underneath.

With the toolbox, it is now possible to transport your tools in an open systainer and to have them right at hand when you need them. In combination with the other systainers, your work is again made a bit easier. Easier also because you can carry the toolbox with a carrying strap, too.

systainer toolbox

A happy new year 2012 to all our customers

Kofferfunshop wishes to all our customers a happy New Year 2012! Lots of good luck and health. We are back in the office for you and the new year.

Systainer-deliveries January 2012

Delivery delays for Systainers from 14 up to 21 days are possible. The relocation works in the new headquarters of the producer - Tanos - are unfortunately not yet complete. Due to a new storage system, and the relocation which lasted longer than initially planned, many orders have accumulated in the old year in the office in Illertissen. Thus, there are still delays in terms of delivery to our stock in Bonn and deliveries directly to our customers from the factory.

We have agreed with Tanos that goods which can be delivered directly from our stock in Bonn will be delivered directly. Items that are missing will be delivered later on from the factory.

On our website, we can not show you a difference between systainer-deliveries from our stock in Bonn and deliveries directly from the factory. Thus, an article (or a complete order) might not be delivered immediately, although it is marked as available in our shop.

We kindly ask our customers for comprehension and apologize for the inconveniences caused. We are doing our best to satisfy all your demands.

Christmas Holiday 2011

From 22.12.2011 until 02.01.2012 we are on our Christmas holidays. The Systainer-shipment from our stock is completed and should be delivered until 24.12.2011. You've received from us a tracking information. Deliveries with goods that should be shipped directly from the factory (see the note on your order confirmation) are only partly on their way. Between Christmas and New Year there is no shipping, so that the goods will be delivered in the new year.

We wish you, our valued customers, a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays.

Important: Systainer-deliveries in 2011

Because of the several inaccurate pieces of information provided by TANOS, it is unfortunately still not clear when the shipments can be regularly taken up again ​​from the new headquarters in Illertissen. Therefore, we have decided to accept in 2011 only orders from our stock in Bonn.

For goods that have to be delivered directly from the factory, we have unfortunately no exact delivery date, so now we have to sell off our stocks. If the majority of the ordered goods is available from our stock in Bonn, we will send these parts and will arrange for the rest a delivery from Illertissen.

This can lead to inaccuracies on our website concerning the information of availabilities and delivery dates.

Orders that will be delivered in 2012 are not affected by this rule. The expected delivery date is week 3-4/2012.

Peli Case i1075 for iPad 1 and iPad 2

The tension is huge for us, because we are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the Peli Case i1075. The case which is specially designed for the iPad. The case, for the first time made from ABS plastics, is aimed at all owners of an iPad. Rightly so, because the iPad has reached the status of a mobile companion.

Everyone who once wanted to collect data or research was thankful to keep this marvel of simplicity in his hands. This circumstance is due to the fact that the iPad case comes along with a compartment for an Apple Bluetooth keyboard. The power supply, now more important than almost anything else for users of mobile devices, also finds its place. Everything stays together now. And because it's so beautiful: the case has a shoulder strap, too!

You can now collect, retrieve and modify data - everything within the case. The mobile office experiences a new dimension size. We use the iPad for example for our purchases and storage dispositions and are also waiting with bated breath for the little case.

The result is so clear! A case of make-fun category, of course only in combination with what it is meant for: the iPad! This case will help us connect to the world even more. The case is suitable for iPad 1 and 2

We offer the case to pre-order, the delivery date Peli has mentioned is by mid-November.

11/01/2011: New delivery date from Peli: 12/15/2011

Peli Case i1075

Peli Case i1075, the case for iPad 1 and 2 and keyboard and power supply.

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The systainers are moving

Important notice: TANOS (the producer of the systainers) will be moving from Neu-Ulm to Illertissen in the week from 28.11.2011 until 05.12.2011.

During this period of time, there will be no deliveries directly from their stock.

We have increased our stock significantly in order to be able to satisfy the commands of our customers.
If an article should no be available in our stock, it will be delivered directly from TANOS' new stock from 05.12.2011 on.
Please consider then a delivery delay of 7-10 days.

The last delivery day for systainers in 2011 will be 27.12.2011.

Peli Case 1640 for a world-wide transport of the MacPro

The MacPro, a computer of it's own, is used mainly in the area of video editing and video rendering. Due to its capacity it is very popular with the users and has also - after the end of the #Xserve - become its successor.

As many film teams are working all around the world, the safe transport of the MacPro has to be assured. Furthermore, it makes sense to transport a screen at the same time.

We can offer this solution now in one case: in the Peli Case 1640 for MacPro plus screen, these two uses are combined. Due to a decomposable #hard foam solution, it is possible to transport the #MacPro world-wide and without damaging it. This use is optimized for a Apple Cinema Display 23" . Enough space for cables is also there.

The #Mac is - due to an especially good padding - protected against any common impact effects. The #Pelicase 1640 takes care of the rest: because of its protection class #IP67 (waterproof, dustproof, robust), the transport is also possible in areas with humidity. The trolley of the Pelicase makes the transport an easy thing; the case is also lockable.

The foam insert can also be used for other cases and consists of connectable elements which offer a space-saving transport or a storage outside of a case.

Customers who want to use a larger screen than the Apple Cinema Display 23" can put the foam insert in the Pelicase 1730. There, the hard foam insert can be put into the cube foam. This will offer an easy mounting and demounting of the MacPro into the case.

Peli Case 1640 for MacPro and screen

Peli Case 1640 for MacPro

Trolley-Tool-Case ATOMIK made of PP

Typically, #toolboxes are made of ABS plastics (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), a lightweight and easily to proceed plastics. ABS has advantages: it is light and easy to maintain and offers a good look. PP (polypropylene), however, can come up with a high stability, and is therefore also used for #Pelicases.

The Trolley-Tool-Case ATOMIK WH 215 from #GT-Line has built-in corner wheels and can so achieve a smooth ride. Its 2 interior fittings (PSS & PTS) convince the user with a lot of space and a quick overview of the tools.

Werkzeugkoffer ATOMIK WH 215

Its robustness makes it ideal and airworthy. A world-wide use of this case can be faced with confidence.

Trolley-Tool-Case ATOMIK WH 215 PTS

Trolley-Tool-Case ATOMIK WH 215 PSS

Peli Case 0500 and 0550 available in our shop

Two really huge performancers are the two suitcases from the 0500-series by Peli. The new models 0500 and 0550 have been designed as transport boxes of an extra class.

They are airworthy boxes that can transport goods all around the world. They have the same well-known properties as a "normal" Peli Case.

There are also special features:

The Peli Case 0500 is useable both as a cover case as well as a carrying case. Due to a sophisticated system of feet, castors and completely removable lid, everything is possible with this case in the area of transport. And due to additional feet, it is also stackable.

Peli Case 0500

The Peli Case 0550 comes with its own castor system (not shown in the picture), which makes it possible to be transported without a forklift. It is also stackable.

Peli Case 0550

The new Peli Transport Cases 0500 and 0550

T-Loc Systainer in many colours

They've finally arrived! The T-Loc Systainers in colour are the optimum, when it comes to organizing. Based on the colours you can easily make assignments and recognize the contents. Many examples are possible: In a vehicle fleet, each colour may be assigned to a specified vehicle. No more quarrels because of borrowed tools! Sort your items using different colours and find everything at one glance.
Did you know: All T-Loc Systainers can be provided with a label. You will never again have to guess where your things are stored.

T-Loc Systainer in colour

T-Loc Systainer in colour

And special thanks to Tanos for a special feature: The orange T-Loc Systainer is now available in a darker- (or traffic-) orange.
Another reason to celebrate for Systainer fans: coloured T-Loc Systainers are available in all sizes, i.e. size I-V. This is new, too, because until then there were only the "colourful" Classic-Line Systainers available in the sizes I-IV.
Remains as the bottom line: Tanos has succeeded in this product range without any compromise.

The T-Loc Systainers are available in the following colours: daffodil yellow, dark orange, carmine red, emerald green, sky blue, sapphire blue and black.

The drillhole-less in-vehicle system TANOS mobil

Tanos mobil

Already a few months ago, TANOS has introduced its in-vehicle-system: TANOS mobile. The outstanding feature of this system is that not a single drill hole has to be drilled. This leaves the vehicle intact and preserves the value. Therefore, TANOS mobil is extraordinarily suitable for leased vehicles, which plays an important role in many vehicle fleets.

With the help of an industrial-velcro mounting, aluminum pillars are fixed inside the vehicle to which beams are attached to serve as a shelf. The industrial-velcro also allows a quick setup and removal, so that vehicles can be used purely as a transporter as well as mobile workshops.

When installing, only the vehicle height is indicated (headliners are excluded from the assembly). Thereafter, the aluminum pillars are tailored for the corresponding vehicle. Besides the systainers, other systems will of course also fit in the shelves, a mixed assembly is possible.

With anti-slip mats, the containers can be secured against slipping. This keeps the charge at any time in place. The system is also equipped with subdivision possibilities which are made possible due to dividers. To make it perfect and to offer more possibilities, ​​a hole-system offers further fixations by so-called ladder straps, which provide additional security in the vehicle, as previously unsecured objects can now be fixed easily.

All the information in the catalogue as a download:

TANOS-mobil-catalogue 2010

Customizing your camera case by Peli or Storm Cases

With the purchase of a protective case by Peli or Storm in combination with a divider-set, the protection of your camera equipment is not always complete. So - depending on the body of the camera - it can be necessary to add padding, if a particular application is planned. Moisture and dust are additional factors that damage the contents of your camera case. Ask for more information on the phone, in our office or via our Webcam.

Storm Cases available

Now all Storm Cases with foam in black are available on our website. Storm Cases are characterized by low weight and by a finishing which is adapted to daily life. Thus, Storm Cases look more friendly than Peli Cases, due to e.g., button rolls and a smooth surface.

Storm Cases

Listing of the T-Loc Systainers finally done.

Now, all T-Loc Systainers in our shop are available. Some things have changed within the concept of T-Locs. There is not a large number of inserts, but we offer universal inserts with adjustable dividers. Furthermore, a new Box-Systainer has been added. What many customers might not know: the inserts of Classic and T-Loc are not compatible!

Therefore, we have converted the structure in our shop and divided into 3 categories:

The new T-Loc Systainers

The already known Classic-Systainers

Means of transport for Classic and T-Loc Systainers

Thus, the customer can choose in peace and make sure which series he wants to buy. Of course, the T-Locs are compatible with the Classics, otherwise, the new system would not have been able to be introduced into the market. However, some small things have to be considered:

The Classics must always stand in the tower bottom, otherwise the hooks will not reach the pins.

Drawer-Systainers have also to be put in the bottom position in a mixed T-Loc/Classic tower, as there is no T-Loc version with drawers.

The conclusion is, however, positive: the benefits of the T-Locs outweigh by far. Our favorite feature: opening a T-Loc stacked in the tower - just turn the latch and then put the tower back - brilliant!

Peli Case 1080 with iPad-insert

Now - especially developed by us for the iPad: in combination with the Peli Case 1080 and a specially designed foam insert, the iPad is protected against all odds. Whether shock, water or sand, nothing will happen to the iPad.

Whoever uses the iPad in nature, related to water or dust, or wants to carry it just safely in his backpack, skips with this solution to the Peli Case 1080, the protection class IP67 (standardized exercise test) added. The specially designed foam insert made ​​of combined hard and soft foam padding provides the necessary cushioning which is needed from the iPad in extreme situations.

In the bottom there is a hard foam insert that can be reached in the hollow from all four sides. It does not matter how the iPad is put into or removed from it. In the lid, a soft foam is used, which will absorb smaller particles and prevent scratches on the glass surface.

Peli Case 1080 für iPad

Peli Micro Case 1080 with iPad-insert

If you already own the Peli Case 1080, you can only buy the insert:
iPad-Einlage für Peli Case 1080

iPad-insert for Peli Case 1080

Delivery delay due to heavy snowfall

Due to the heavy snowfall in many parts of Germany, it is sometimes not possible for the parcel services to pick up or to deliver the goods. Many vehicles get stuck in snowy roads. Therefore, you have to take into consideration a delivery delay of 1-3 days for each delivery.

Tracking numbers which you have already received via our system are displayed as "not valid" as long as the parcel can be scanned correctly.

Systainer-shipping over the turn of the year 2010/2011

Last day of shipment for Systainer was 14.12.2010.

From 15/12/2010 until 01/03/2011 there is only an emergency shipment of Systainers possible from our stock in Bonn, as the Neu-Ulm plant is already closed for annual stocktaking.

Please note that it is necessary for your income statement that the receipt is issued in 2010. An invoice issued by us will contain always the delivery and performance date.


Systainer T-Loc and Systainer Classic

The normal Systainer got a brother. It is the already presented Systainer T-Loc. We've received the notification from Tanos that the Systainer "Classic" will still be available in the product range. A date when the Systainer T-Loc will replace the Systainer Classic Line is not known yet. Therefore, the availability of the Systainer Classic Line is still guaranteed.

Systainer Classic

Systainer T-Loc

Peli Micro Cases with new pictures

To offer a current and attractive presentation of our Peli Micro Cases was a major topic at our last photo session here at the kofferfunshop in Bonn. All Micro Cases have been photographed and set free to present the product better.

Peli Micro Cases
Peli Micro Cases

Keywords: #pelicase #pelimicrocase #minikoffer #handycase

Peli Case 1080 and 1090 in new design

Since October 2010, all Micro Cases with the model numbers 1080 and 1090 are shipped with a black latch. The silver latch is no longer available.

Peli Micro Case 1080 and 1090


#pelicase #pelicase1080 #pelicase1090 #laptopcase #notebookcase #computerkoffer

Peli Storm Cases - What are the advantages?

The lightweight and tough Peli Storm Cases are the result of years of perfectioning and testing in the laboratory and in practice.

Storm Cases

High impact proof coating.

Ball-bearing wheels offer low friction and low rolling resistance for an easy moving of heavy loads. Available on select models.

Tested for their strength, the comfortable handles resist heavy loads.

Fixed Vortex* valve automatically adjusts the air pressure, doesn't let water intrude and does not come off from the protective case.

The edges of the Peli Storm Cases distract surcharges and absorb them, so that the kinetic power is derived by the case and the content remains protected after each impact.

Unbreakable profiled hasps allow you to attach padlocks in standard sizes and thus provide additional security.

The lightweight Peli Storm Cases

Key words:

#stormcases #pelistormcases #gewichtreduzierung #flugtauglich #transportkoffer

Emergency Kits for Peli 1500 1550 1600 and 1460

The product range of medical emergency kits from Peli got a new member: the Peli 1460 EMS. While the already existing cases can only be opened when the case is lying on the ground, the Peli 1460 EMS can be opened in an upright position (toploader).

The Peli 1460 EMS is also equipped with a kind of scissors-construction, which moves out when you open the case. All the important parts can be seen at one glance.

In addition, the Peli 1460 EMS comes with a shoulder strap, so at critical moments, the hands are free and the case is ready anyway.

Peli 1460 EMS
Peli 1500 EMS
Peli 1550 EMS
Peli 1600 EMS

EMS: Emergency Medical Service

#pelicase #ems #notfall-koffer #ambulanz #pelicase1500 #pelicase1550 #pelicase1600 #pelicase1460

New Peli Case 1460

Peli has published a new case: The Peli Case 1460. The case is divided into two halves, i.e. top and bottom are exactly equal in height. Therefore it is suitable for objects that have to be visible after opening the lid.

Peli Case 1460

Peli Case 1460 with foam

Peli Case 1460 empty

Shipping delayed caused by disturbance at the internet.

There was a disturbance today on internet caused of DENIC's DNS-Server. Therefore our shipping was delayed.

Explorer Cases at our web shop available

We have offered a long time Peli Cases at our web shop. Peli Cases are cases which fulfill the highest quality standards and expresses the top of a good protection case.

Explorer Cases are protection cases with similar properties. The manufactures of them have made some thoughts about it:

1. Any case up to model no. 05822 has a shoulder-strap holder.
2. These models have a removable lid: 02712, 02717, 03317, 04412, 04419, 05117, 05122, 10840.
3. Furthermore all cases have a mounting system for plates simple to fasten.

Each Explorer Case will be delivered with a manual purge valve for pressure regulation.

Aluminium boxes of C and D series from ALUTEC expandable with Zarges-Trolley.

All Boxes from the c- and d- series from ALUTEC can be equipped with the excellent trolley from zarges. So the robust quality of the Zarges trolley can be used for other boxes. The setup goes with screws, which are being screwed in the aluminum tin. Therefore is also a DIY-Montage possible.

Zarges Trolley
Zarges box with trolley

Through additional...a number of boxes can be equipped with a trolley - the trolleys can be switched as needed for optimum use.

Anbauplatte für Zarges-Trolley

Anchorage couplers for equipping additional Boxen

Expansion of exhibition for aluminium boxes

We have expanded our exhibition of ZARGES aluminum boxes and exhibit also all ALUTEC boxes. Now we have ca. 60 different items and many accessories available.

Aluminumboxes from Zarges and Alutec

Affordable and solid - Aluminum boxes from Alutec

Manufacturing of special class - Aluminum boxes from Zarges

New aluminium boxes series Zarges K405 at our webshop

New at our web shop: The easy Zarges box K405 of aluminum. This box is a riveted L-frame construction and hasn't any protection features for transport. This you can see with a glance on the weight: the K405 is about 15% easier as competitive boxes. Because transport protection is missing the aluminum box K405 is especially suitable for storage and auto transport.

Zarges Box K405 42L
Zarges Box K405 66L
Zarges Box K405 66L

Tanos announces Systainer Safety Set.

The Tanos Systainer Safety Set is a lockable Systainer latch to be locked with a key. This is the successor of the barrel lock working with an interior barrel.

Finally it is possible to lock every Systainer including those with a lid cushion, etc. An additional secure against theft and lost.


Tanos Systainer Safety Set (German text with pictures)

The exception travel-case of aluminium

A case which is made completely of aluminum is very solid, not to compare with so-called alu-cases where only the frames of the case is fully aluminum. What is the advantage of aluminum? It is very solid and completely buckling resistant. That's why a injury of the moulding is excluded.

That properties makes the Boardcase 2 to a absolute Top-Case with a long-life which is very top. An investment in the future being rentable twice: Not even the case has a longer live, but also the content of is protected. As a result of this the case is ideal for people transporting sensitive and fragile things during their travelings.

Is the case being cushioned with foam additionally then it is a case which can transports very sensitive things.

The exception case

The exception case of aluminium
Foam for cushioning

Attachè case BUSI-III-F with foam

Wouldn't it be good to have a case for documents and sensitive things? Right, we have thought of it, too - and constructed the BUSI-III-F. It is a compact protector case with a virtual document pallet at lid and foam at bottom.
The case with foam on the bottom

The attaché case with the cubed foam inlay

Peli Case 1510, 1520, 1560 und 1610 now available in desert tan

Which colour is the favorite's one on Peli Cases? We say it's black. But black is a colour with undesired effects on dircet sun lighting. The case can warm up on the inside and harm the content. That's why we are offering by now all important models in desert tan. Those cases can be picked up in our store in Bonn-Beuel.

Peli Case 1510 desert tan
Peli Case 1520 desert tan
Peli Case 1560 desert tan
Peli Case 1610 desert tan

Peli Case 1510, 1520, 1560 and 1610 in desert tan

Photo case Job Solution II-F with trolley - with dividers and cushion

Very often you like to have not only foam in your photo case for cushioning, but also dividers to have a cable compartment.

This is the time for the photo case Job Solution II-F. It has a trolley, easy to handle. But is has also dividers with cube foam which can be cut whitout a knife:

The case with trolley, dividers and cubed foamThe case has grooves for dividers

Photo case Job Solution II-F with trolley - with dividers and cushion

The protector case - Light, solid and docile.

It's docile and unpretending: the protector case PP-Blitz II Foam, a true miracle of effort according to the price, only being topped of its properties. It's a impact case and spread-water protected. Also very light, only 2.5 kg with foam.
Perfect as a case for indoor and outdoor, especially where dirt, mud and rain can end the life of a common aluminum case. Here is the home of the PP-Blitz Foam: Clean with water - finished.
Even standing easily hart impacts with a hammer and is according to its weight a case of a special class.

The super impact case with foam

Protector case PP-Blitz II Foam

Cushions simply super: Hard foam cushions in 2 sizes and 2 heights

If its needed to protect the content of your cases in the best way then there is no alternative: A hard foam either 15 mm (Minimum condition) or for heavy things 20 mm.

The hard foam which is soft cushion

Pad your case right: Is there any trouble at the transport to expect, then a normal 20 mm bottom cushion isn't enough. Finally absorbing an impact hard foam cushions are the right ones.

2 cushion sizes are available:

1. A 500x500x20mm option, primary used as bottom cushion
2. A 1000x1000x15mm option, primary used a side cushion

Perfect also for cushioning a divider-set Pelicases.Simply cut the foam and stuck it between divider and divider wall.

Divider set for Pelicase 1610Nikon D60, secued with a divider-set and additionally with hard foam.
Divider-set for Peli Case 1610 additionally cushioned with hard foam.

Genious! The Zarges mobil box with trolley

A solid aluminum box with trolley and stuff in-lining being usable as a luggage: yes this is the Zarges Mobil Box K415. The box is available at 3 sizes and an indispensable companion of all people who doesn't (or can't) want to use a regular suit-case. At first is reached an optimal space utilization. At the same time you are flexible enough to use the Mobil Box as a trolley suit-case.

This is the hit: A bag inside the case. A bag of polyester protects the content of colorization by aluminum. Get loosed of is anchors the bag can be used as a carrying bag

The Zarges Mobil BoxesWith trolley and carrying bag

Tool case PP-Profi - congratulations

Since 2002 in product line - there wasn't our website online yet - until today at the price of 99,- EUR for a tool-case with super properties.

1. Very solid moulding of Polypropylen
2. Extra large, many producers have kept over that size.
3. Produced light with Con-Pearl plates.
4. Reclaim quote below 0,1 Percent.

PP-Profi being worth any cent

Result: A pro-case being worth any cent of it.

New weapon case W-X with 2 sections

The new weapon case W-X comes with cubed and dimple foam. In addition it has 2 sections being lockable separately from each other.

Waffenkoffer W-X

The weapon case with 2 sections

New products from GT-Line in our shop

Until now you have found in our shop the PTS model only, if you have searched GT-Line cases. GT is offering 2 interior linings, too:

1. The PSS lining, a toolholder like a stuck brush.
2. The PEL lining, where the tools are been fixed with rubber bands.


Laptop cases from Parat new in our shop

New in our webshop are all notebook cases from Parat:

Laptop cases



Carnival 2009 brings "Bützjer" and delays

Bützjer (Kisses) are comfortable, delays don't. The people in Rhineland live fine with both of them and are stunning, when the rest of the world is turning around like ever. Anyway: There are no plans to abolish carnival in 2009! Because of that we like to beg our customers having a little patience from 19/2 to 25/2/2009.

Peli Case 1510 and 1430 - a perfect team

They fit together perfectly: Peli 1510 and Peli 1430. The Peli Case 1510 a airworthy protector case with a trolley and to transport easily. Beside that Peli Case 1430 with a schoulder strap offers the possibility to carry a and handy case. Finally they fits perfectly togheter, because you can staple them. So the check-in to the airplane is a easy going.
Peli 1510 und 1430Peli 1510 und 1430

Peli Case 1510
Peli 1510 photo case

Peli 1430

Drying cartridge for Peli Cases

Very important, but often forgotten is silica gel for Peli Cases. Air humidity being inside of your cases cannot come out and attacks i. e. electronically devices especially when they are a long time inside. In sun countries is the cartridge a duty anyway, but also in Europe makes it sense. You can 75 l as a approximate value for 1 cartridge.
Silica Gel

Addtional section for section case Brick XL available

This Section Case is extendable now with additional sections (max 2 recommended) and can be built-up by that. Inside the sections you have 2 additional dividers like at the sections of the section case.

Section Case

Additional section for Brick XL

Shipping times for 2009

After effected stocktaking and completion of orders we received at our holidays we are can announce by now normal shipping times. Customers which place an order at our online-shop can expect their shipping - if not confirmed different - within 2 to 4 days. We give also information for shipping times on the telephone during our business hours.

Happy new year 2009, good luck and health!

The team of kofferfunshop wishes all customers a happy new year being lucky and healthy. Since the 5th of january 2009 we have finished our holidays and we are taking care of your orders again. At this time is a delivery time of 4-6 day expected, because we are still in charge in orders of 2008. Find out your delivery status of your order by checking your customer account on our website.

Versand über die Tage

Hallo und fröhliche Weihnachten,

vom einschließlich 22.12.2008 bis 04.01.2009 sind wir in Weihnachtsurlaub. In dieser Zeit erfolgt kein Versand, Ware kann jedoch bestellt werden und wird in 2009 ausgeliefert. Dringende Anfragen können per eMail gestellt werden. Benutzen Sie dazu das Kontaktformular auf unserer Website. Ab dem 05.01.2009 sind wir wieder für Sie da.

Ihr Klaus Klüglich

Überarbeitung unserer Aluminiumrahmen-Koffer

Wir haben unser großes Programm an Aluminium-Rahmenkoffer nun unter einer neuen Kategorie zusammengefasst: Aluminiumrahmen-Koffer

Ferien vom 27.09.2007 bis 09.10.2007 - Versand im Webshop geht weiter.

Vom 27.09. bis einschließlich 09.10. haben wir Betriebsferien, der Versand jedoch geht normal weiter. Ebenfalls geöffnet: Unser Ladengeschäft in Bonn-Beuel. Für dringende Fragen haben wir eine Hotline von Mo-Fr, 10h-12h eingerichtet. In dieser Zeit stehen wir telefonisch zur Verfügung. Bitte schreiben Sie uns ansonsten per eMail an: mail at kofferfunshop.de

Peli Case 1440 mit Foto-Trennwand-Set

Neu im Programm ist der Peli Case 1440 mit Foto-Trennwand-Set. Der Peli 1440 ist mit einem 2-Teiligen Trennwand-Set im Boden und einem Einsatz im Deckel versehen. Der Peli 1440 ist ein kompakter Koffer mit Trolley, der für eine komplette Fotoausrüstung Platz hat. Besonders praktisch ist, dass der Peli 1440 ein stehender Koffer ist und deswegen alles mit einem schnellen Griff bereit hält.

Peli 1440 mit Trennwand-Set

Einbaurahmen für Peli Case 1150 1200 1300 1450 1520 und 1550

Neu im Shop sind die Einbaurahmen für Peli Cases 1150 1200 1300 1450 1520 und 1550, die für elektronische Bauteile, Meßgeräte und Platineninstallationen verwendet werden.
Einbaurahmen 1550Einbaurahmen für Peli 1520Einbaurahmen für Peli 1450Einbaurahmen für Peli 1200 1300Einbaurahmen für Peli 1150

Peli 1440 with Office and Laptop divider-set

New at the webshop: The Peli Case 1440 with a laptop-insert for a 15" laptop. Additional compartments for files, etc. makes the case very spaciously. The lid organizer consists of pure leather and offers much space for small parts. The clou: a trolley offers the comfort of a case which one can pull. The case is ideal for a person who wants to combine a safe case with the comfort of a pilot case.

Peli Case 1440 for Office and Laptops

Peli Case 1440 for Laptops and Office

Summer holidays

From 13thto 25th of July 2007 the office is open only from 09 to 11 am. Our shop in Bonn-Beuel is still open every Saturday

Plane bottom in Systainer with bottom cushion with cross cutting

If you like to cushion your Systainer against impact at bottom very good, this procedure is recommended:

  • First you pad the bottom of the Systainer with one (two for Systainer V) cushion.
    • The bottom is well-protected and leveled to one height by PE foam.
  • Pad now the one or two cushions.
    • The amount of cushions depends to the weight of the thing inside the Systainer. The heavyier, the more cushions.
  • Finally you take a lid-cushion and press the item that strong, that no movement is not possible. Level with addional bottom-cushions.
  • Is the item now fixed as descriped, a falling down of Systainer will cause probably no harm to the item inside, because lid and bottom cushions are effecting against the item.

    To the Systainers
    Systainer IVBodenpolsterKreuzschnitt-BodenpolsterDeckelpolster

    Tool-systainer III with 3 pallets now colorized available

    From now on we are offering the Tool-Systainer also with colors Carmine red, Sky blue, Narcissus yellow, Emerald green, and black with a surcharge of 3,50 EUR.

    Werkzeug-Systainer III
    Der Systainer III in Farbe

    New at the Shop: ZARGES Aluminium boxes

    From now on we are selling all boxes of the Zarges company. The Euroboxes have been listed in the shop, the series K470 will follow. Zarges-Boxes are very solid and can be used in many ways due to a wide range of accessories.

    Zarges Aluminium boxes

    To package your photo equipment right

    For a safe packaging of a photo equipment watch out for certain details:

    1. You can generally only calculate with the bottom measures to package sensitive things at a case; the case's lid doesn't offer any space thru the dimple foam.
    2. Calculate or the bottom 20-30mm space for a bottom cushion. Without cushion lays the equipment surrounded by foam but unprotected at the bottom.
    3. Watch out for the margins: Calculate 30-40mm foam margin.
    4. If you use cube foam for cushioning you should take attention for the the long life of the foam. Take 30mm at least better 45mm distance for the interspaces.

    To the foam cushions

    New Peli Case 1630

    Who isn't going to find his case at the 1600 Serie of Peli...The new 1630 is constructed like a little Peli 1660 and has naturally all properties which one a Peli Case does.

    Peli Case 1630

    Peli Case 1630

    New 17" Laptop-Case from Peli Cases

    Endlich: Wenn Sie bisher ein 17" Laptop hatten, waren die meisten Koffer entweder zu klein oder zu unsicher gebaut. Schließlich möchte man ja sein teures Laptop nicht in einen Koffer legen, die die Stabilität einer Attachekoffers aus dem Baumarkt hat.

    A propos Attachekoffer: Ihre Unterlagen können Sie natürlich auch unbeschadet in dem neuen Peli Case 1495 transportieren, aber Ihr Laptop ist dort mindestens genau so gut aufgehoben. Der stoßfeste, wasser- und staubdiche Koffer ist zusätzlich mit einem Zahlenschloss versehen, damit Unbefugte keinen Zugang zu Ihrem Laptop haben; Sie jedoch schnell gelangen können, ohne mit einem Schlüssel zu hantieren.

    Fazit: Der neue Peli Case 1495 steht mit der Schutzklasse IP67 seinen normalen Kollegen in nichts nach und ist robust wie kein zweiter.

    Peli Cae 1495

    Peli Case 1495

    Searching after manufacturer's item no. possible

    We have typed in all manufacturers items to handle the many products they launch time by time. Now it is more simply to inform on a manufacturer's website and find your product at kofferfunshop.de to purchase it.

    Peli Cases mit Trennwand-Set mit Musterbestückung

    Viele Fotografen fragen uns: Welcher Peli Case ist der richtige für mich? Um diese Frage noch besser beantworten zu können, haben wir alle Peli Cases mit Trennwand-Set mit einer Musterbestückung versehen. Anhand der Bestückung kann der Kunde den Umfang seiner Ausrüstung besser einschätzen und die Platzverhältnisse im Koffer besser erkennen.

    Peli Cases mit Bodeneinteiler

    Neuer Peli Case i1010 für Apple-iPod

    Endlich auch von Peli Cases: Der Micro Case für den iPod! Natürlich mit Kopfhöreranschluss, sodass ein Hören mit geschlossenem Deckel möglich ist. Die Eigenschaften des Mico-Case sind vermutlich hinlänglich bekannt: stoßfest, Wasserdicht und staubdicht. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Produkten bietet der Peli Micro Case hohe Stoßfestigkeit und der schützenswerte iPod überlebt auch Stürze aus mehreren Metern.
    Peli Micro Case i1010

    Peli Case 1440 neu im Sortiment

    Nun haben wir uns aufgrund starker Nachfrage entschlossen, den Peli 1440 anzubieten. Seine Trolley-Ausführung ist nicht für Expeditionen, etc, sondern nur für glatte Flächen geeignet. Dadurch ist der Peli Case 1440 der ideale Koffer für Untersuchungslabors, Probentransport, etc.

    Peli Case 1440

    Neue HDPE-Werkzeugkoffer "Robust" von Hepco&Becker

    Neu dazugekommen sind die beiden HDPE-Koffer Serie Robust von Hepco&Becker. Das sehr leichte HDPE hilft, den Koffer handlicher zu machen. Gleichzeitig ist er sehr stabil. Besonders praktisch: Durch den an der Rückseite angebrachte Trolley rollt der Koffer als würde er getragen, dadurch kein Verrutschen des Werkzeugs.

    Robust I von Hepco&BeckerRobust II von Hepco&Becker

    Tolle Tage im Rheinland

    Während des gesamten Karnevals im Rheinland sind wir telefonisch zu unseren Geschäftszeiten erreichbar. Der Versand findet am Rosenmontag und Karnevalsdienstag nicht statt.

    Strom-Wartungsarbeiten zwischen 11.00h-13.00h

    Zwischen 11.00h und 13.00h finden Stromwartungsarbeiten seitens des RWE in unserer Straße statt. Es kann sein, dass wir telefonisch dann nicht erreichbar sind.

    Neuer Peli Case 1690

    Peli Cases hält den Trend zu großen Koffern ungebrochen. War bisher der Peli Case 1660 die ungeschlagene Nr. 1 in Sachen großer Koffer, so tritt jetzt der Peli Case 1690 die Nachfolge an.

    War bis vor wenigen Jahren kaum eine Alternative zu großen Aluminiumboxen als Transportmöglichkeit vorhanden, so gibt es nun ein großes Angebot von Peli Cases. Gund dafür ist der gestiegene Bedarf an sicheren Transportbehältern.Peli Case 1690

    Neues Angebot "Basispaket" bei Systainern

    Nun gibt es auch das "Basispaket" der Systainer: Der Systainer I, II, III, IV zum tollen Angebotspreis.

    Ideal für Einsteiger, die noch keine Systainer haben und nach und nach Nachrüsten möchten.

    Systainer ISystainer IISystainer IIISystainer IV

    Neuer Musterkoffer Equip VI

    Neu dazugekommen: Musterkoffer Equip VI, der neue große Koffer aus der Equip-Serie. Viele Kunden wünschten sich einen geräumigen Koffer zur Equip-Serie.

    Wartungsarbeiten durch Serverumzug.

    Durch Wartungsarbeiten kann es ab 22.45h auf der Domain zu Störungen kommen, es wird eventuell auf eine Ersatzdomain umgeleitet.

    Letzter Versandtag für Systainer

    Am 15.12.2006 ist der letzte Versandtag für Systainer in diesem Jahr. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Bestellungen weiter angenommen werden, aber erst voraussichtlich im nächsten Jahr geliefert werden können. Der Versand im neuen Jahr startet pünktlich am 02.01.2007

    Peli Case 1490 mit Attacheeinlage und Schaumstoff verfügbar.

    Bisher hatten wir nur die Deluxe-Ausführung des Peli 1490 mit Attacheeinlage und Bodeneinteiler. Nun ist auch die Version mit Schaumstoff im Boden verfügbar.

    Peli Case 1490

    kofferfunshop.de spendet für Jugendfarm in Bonn-Beuel

    Damit die Jugendarbeit in Beuel nicht zu kurz kommt, haben wir der Jugendfarm in Bonn-Beuel eine Spende zukommen lassen und sind damit offizielller Sponsor der Jugendfarm.

    Jugendfarm Bonn

    Keine Geschäftszeit vom 01.11.2006 bis zum 03.12.2006

    Während der Zeit vom 30.11.2006 bis zum 03.12.2006 haben wir unser Büro nicht besetzt. Außerdem ist am 01.12.2006 das Ladengeschäft in Bonn-Beuel nicht geöffnet.

    Am 04.12.2006 ist wieder regulärer Betrieb.

    Neuer Peli 1440 im Laden Bonn-Beuel eingetroffen

    In unserem Ladengeschäft stellen wir derzeit den Peli 1440 aus, einen stehenden Koffer, der von oben geöffnet werden kann. Da dieser Koffer besonders beratungsintensiv ist, wird er vorerst nicht auf unserer Internetseite zum Verkauf angeboten, im Laden ist er aber erhältlich.

    Peli Case 0370 mit Trennwand-Set gelistet

    Als letzten Teil der Peli Cases Familie haben wir nun auch die Cube Cases mit Trennwand-Set auf unserer Liste: Aktuell bieten wir den Peli Cube Case 0370 mit einem 2-lagigen Trennwand-Set an.

    Peli Case 0370 mit 2-lagigem Trennwand-Set

    Dieser riesige Koffer macht es möglich, das Equipment ganzer Expeditionen zu verstauen. Durch die Unterteilungen kann der Platz im Koffer gut genutzt werden und ist außerdem gut geschützt.

    Als kleines Bonbon ist der Cube auch rollbar durch spezielle Walzenrollen und muss somit nicht getragen werden. Ein Zugband bildet den Griff zum Ziehen.

    Peli Case 0370 mit Zugband

    Peli Cube Case 0470 mit Trennwand-Set

    Aluminium-Box C76 new listed

    The solid aluminium-box C76 is new to our range. Due to 1.0mm tin thickness is been secured, that the box doesn't get damage like boxes with minor tin thickness.

    Aluminiumbox C76

    Laptop-Einlage für Peli Case 1560

    Mit nur wenigen Hilfsmitteln kann man den Peli Case 1560 in einen Laptopkoffer für zwei 17 Zoll-Laptops umgestalten:

    • 2 Bodenplatten an den Peli anpassen (bei der unteren Platte müssen die Räder ausgespart werden). Ecken der Bodenplatten abschneiden, damit der Schaum besser aus dem Koffer genommen werden kann.
    • Schaumstoff für die Laptops aus dem Schaum herausbrechen.
    • Mit Schaumstoffkleber die Bodenplatten verkleben.
    • Mit 2 Bodenpolstern die Fläche unter den Laptops polstern, damit diese sicher liegen. Zum Zuschneiden reicht ein Teppichmesser.
    Koffereinlage für Laptop Peli Case 1560 Koffereinlagen für Laptops

    Diese Einlagen sind in 1-2 Stunden fertig hergestellt.

    Dafür benötigen Sie:

    • 1 Peli 1560 mit Schaumstoff Peli 1560
    • 2 Bodenplatten Bodenplatte
    • 1 Sprühkleber Sprühkleber
    • 2 Bodenpolster Bodenpolster

    Eine professionelle Lösung wird aus einem Hartschaum wasserstrahlgeschnitten. Ein solches Produkt bieten wir auf Anfrage nach Ihren Angaben an.

    Limited shipping

    Because of a German holiday (Day of German Unity) we have only constricted Shipping on Monday 2nd and no shipping on Thuesday 3rd October.

    On Wednesday is again a normal shipping day.

    New Photocase-Series Bowl launched

    We heard it again and again from our customers: Do you have a robst and secure Photo case with foam? Now we got them: We listed the Bowl series from CFS.

    The manufacturing is at the highest stage for a aluminiumframe case. Especially width frames with are riveted are additional protected from edge corners.

    The Bowl Cases are lockable by solid clap-locks which lock up the case secure.

    Fotokoffer Bowl IFotokoffer Bowl IIFotokoffer Bowl III

    Peli 1640 available shortly

    The Peli Case 1640 will be available shortly. This long awaited model will close a gap in the line of 1600er series: This case with a foursquare measure is the answer to a permanent increasing demand of expedition and equipment cases, because many photographers want to pack their whole equipment just in one case.

    Regarding to the luggage policy on many airports Peli Case 1640 is another size-solotion beside the already existing models Peli Case 1610 and Peli Case 1620.

    With those cases is it i. e. possible to transport a whole photo- or camera equipment as normal luggage.Important:Only the automatic valve from Peli Cases guarantees a secure transport with a pressure balanced case. Otherwise there can existing a over-pressure inside your case which can destroy high sensitive optics.

    Peli Case 1640

    Price advantage for Peli Case 1510

    We offer this product bundle for a special price of 282.65 EUR until 30th of June 2006. Beside the known and approved Peli Case 1510 includes this bundle also the padded divider-set and the photo lid-organizer with a lot of net pockets. In short: a professional case for an affordable price with many possibilities to stowage.

    Peli Case 1510 padded divider-set photo lid-organizer

    New category Lid organizer for Peli Cases

    The existing category Dividers & bags included also each lid organizers. Now there are to find at the category Lid organizers.

    New Trolley listed in Category Trolley

    Since now available: The DIY Trolley to make heavy cases easier. You can fix that trolley very simple on your case and click-on right now.


    Category Flight Cases relaunched

    We relauched this Category after reordering and differing between Flight Cases and Device Cases. Therefor is a better choosing between cases fittofly and transportable case possible.

    Categorie Photo cases relaunched

    We relaunched the category Photo Cases with the subcategories for a better finding between the single types of cases:

    The goal of this relaunching is to point out the differences between the optimal protection and the better using of space by dividers.

    Tropicana-Serie from Rimowa shortly available

    Shortly we will haved listed the Rimowa-Tropicana range at our web site. The start does the Tropicana Rippe Reporter a very handy Photo case as a toploader.

    Rimowa Tropicana Rippe Reporter

    Shoulder straps for Peli 1470 and 1490 avaiable

    We put two new shoulder straps for Peli Case 1470 and peli Case 1490 to our website. Both Peli Cases (Laptop cases with foam) come without shoulder straps. if you would like to shoulder your case then it is a deficiency, which you can fix with a little integration.

    The first shoulder strap is without eyes and is a replacement article. The second shoulder-strap comes with 2 eyes and can be integrated at the above mentioned case.

    Peli Case 1470 Laptop case with foamPeli Case 1490 Laptop case with foam Shoulder-strap with 2 eyes

    1 Year of kofferfunshop.de at Bonn-Beuel

    Since today our store has the one-year-birthday. A lot of has happend: Our Peli Case range is absolut completly on stock and our Systainer-Exhibition has everything from a Maxi-Systainer to a single latch.

    New film to look about the store in Bonn-Beuel

    We got the presentation of our store in Bonn-Beuel up to date with a Quicktime-Film.

    Geschäft in Bonn-Beuel

    Web-cam for store in Bonn-Beuel

    Since today we got a web-cam in our shop, which is running when we stay and consult our customers or doing a pick-up of a product by a customer. A text-box signalizes whether the web-cam is running.

    Pictures for compartments 70mm and 120mm renewed

    Because of a group image of compartments 70mm and 125mm for Systainer I and Systainer II it could happen a wrong order.

    After adding two new pictures the artice is clear to understand. Moreover it is meantioned that at least 2 compartments are needed for a partition.

    Compartments 70mm
    Compartments 125mm

    New acquisition of a hotwire cutting machine

    We are able now with our new hotwire cutting machine to cut foam according to your allegations. Especially arches and round corners can be cut proper and elegant with the Proxxon Thermocut cutting machine.

    There, where a normal cut by a knife fails the hotwire cutting machine starts and we can fullfill special wihes to our customers directly in our store.


    Photo lid organizer for Peli 1430 availabe

    The photo lid organizer for Peli 1430 makes it possible to stowage littte items like rechargeable batteries, cables, etc.

    Photo lid organizer for Peli Case 1660 available

    We have the Photo lid organizer with many pockets for Peli Case 1660 by now available in our shop.

    Deckeleinlage für Peli 1660

    Mini-Systainer in Farbe verfügbar

    Last but not least, we did almost forget the Mini-Systainer with colors. Quite as quick this article was avaiable as a group picture for better recognizing the colors.

    The Mini-Systainer I is avaiable in: carmine red, emerald green, daffodil yellow, heaven blue and black.

    Mini-Systainer I

    Dividers made from Con-Pearl available

    Con-Pearl is a material, which has light weight and at the same time high stability. Therefor it is ideal, if you want to save weight. Normal dividers are from plywood or ABS-Plastic. We offer by now 3 different sizes as universal-dividers, which you can fit for your own requirements.

    Con-Pearl-Plate I
    Con-Pearl-Plate II
    Con-Pearl-Plate III

    Peli Cases 1500 1510 1520 1560 1600 1610 1620 Lid organizer available

    Available for Peli Cases 1500, 1510, 1520, 1560, 1600, 1610 and 1620 at the shop are the photo lid-organizers. Additional available for Peli Case 1500 and 1520 is the Attaché lid organizer.

    Instruction manual for Divider-Set of Maxi-Systainer available

    For the construction of the divider-Set of the Maxi-Systainer we have added at the article descrition in German a instruction manual for downloading.


    Spray glue from tesa for special use

    For especial ambitious uses we have the tesa spray glue 300ml added to our foam range. The glue is used to glue foam on plates in order to shift something in a case. Normally you don't have to use it for cases, but to equip backpacks, photo bags, etc.

    Important note:The gluing of foam in a case should be a exception, because if you want to remove the old foam out of the case then some parts of foam could be left or the interior style could be dammaged.

    Normally it is enough to stuck the foam inside the case. By its elasticity the foam presses against bottom and lid and does not get loose. The gluing of several layers of foam is not a must and should used in exemption.


    Peli Cases-Category Accessories relauched

    For a better overview we have relaunched the category accessories into 4 sub categories.

  • Replacement foam
  • Wheels
  • Locks and Protection
  • Divider-Sets & Bags

  • Sortimentsbox-Systainer with better cushioning

    We are offering from now the Assortment-Box Systainer with bottom cushion with cross cut to prevent impacts during transport against the assortment-boxes inside the Assortment-Box Systainer.


    New Category Laptop Cases

    We introduced a new category "Laptop Cases", to result a better compilation of single, existing products at the wehshop.

    Systainer als Airbrushkoffer verwendbar.

    Als Koffer für Airbrush-Zubehör sind Systainer bestens geeignet: Durch entsprechende Fachteiler, Boden- und Deckelpolster kann man seine Farben hervorragend in einem Systainer III unterbringen.

    Systainer III

    Pinsel, Farbrührer, etc. verstaut man am besten in einer Werkzeugeinlage in einem Systainer I:
    Systainer I

    Den Rest - Farbdosen, Sprüher, etc - kann man z. B. im Systainer II unterbringen. Natürlich wieder mit Deckel- und Bodenpolster:
    Systainer II

    Damit die Sache gut transportierbar ist, gibt es das Rollbrett! Nichts kann für einen Airbrusher so ermüdend sein, als eine schwere Ausrüstung zu transportieren.

    Peli Case 1620 with divider-set

    The especially height of Peli Case 1620 with trolley is been offered now with a complete divider-set. Very interesting is this Peli Case 1620 because of its 2-layer divider-set and has a lot of space for professional equipment.

    Peli Case 1620 mit Trennwand-Set

    Carneval at Rhineland

    Caused by carnval and the "crazy time" it can happen a delayed shipping of orders. At "Aschermittwoch" (Wednesday) the shipping will run normal.

    All Systainers and spareparts now additional in English and with pictures.

    Since today every Systainer article is now also in English available. Furthermore each article has got now a picture to increase to documentation.

    Peli Case 1520 is conform to IATA-Norm.

    Often it makes sense to have only a part of your photographer's equipment right beside you. For example during air flights can can transport your basic equipment in a Peli Case 1520, the rest is been loaded into a bigger case.

    The Peli Case 1520 is the biggest case according to IATA-Norm and fits the measure limits of board luggage. Certainly it has all properties of a Peli Case, too.

    Peli Case 1520

    Peli Case 1610 with divider-set

    Professional Photografers don't have it easy: To put the complete equipment into a case is often a affair of desperation. Very often is the case bigger than a case which has the allowed measures for board luggages.

    This results a problem: Which kind of case is impact-proof and fit for a travel to a country where the unloading of luggages isn't a issue of trust?. Furthermore the equipment has to be cushioned because it shouldn't be damaged.

    Because of the divider-set you can put a big photo equipment without any difficulties in the Peli Case 1610. You can also very flexible divide that divider-set and adjust to your personal photo equipment. Also is the transport of the case with a trolley simple enough: Just pull and the carrying has an end.

    Peli Case 1610 Trennwand-Set Tip: If you like to take your camera on bord it is recommended to split the photo equipment into two parts. The first part is the part of duty: You can work everywhere and take photos. The other part are things you don't need neccesarily at work and you can work without.

    Trolley Tool-Case from CFS now with product film

    It doesn't have to be always a tool-case of a well-known brand, other products are often more affordabe and sometimes much besser manufactured. to show this better yet we have some products where you can watch a film. You will be informed much better than by a pure image presentation.

    For introducing our new video we have a introduction price, too: 179,95 EUR

    PARAT Paratool II for 250.- EUR

    Tool-Case goes luggage: The Transport of tools per airplane is growing up all the time. One of the classics and nowcomer at the same time is the model Paratool from PARAT.

    Valid to 15th March of 2006.

    Aluminium-Boxes of B-Serie with 2 lock as standard product

    Each aluminium B-box from ALUTEC (except Aktionsboxen, marked product) are now with 2 locks as standard. Until now those locks where only available as accessories.

    Petri-Heil-Promotion for Carp-Mirror readers

    For any reader of the magazin "Carp Mirror" we offer a spezial "Petri Heil" Promotion (Salutation for anglers). If you know the name of the author of the Peli Cases article, then we can grant 5% rebate and free shipping.
    This promotion is valid until 31th of March.

    Guess title and save shipping

    Carp Mirror 01/2006

    Expertises about damages of Luggage and Cases

    We offer a free expertise service für luggages, etc: Should your case have been damaged during a travel we create your for free a expertise für your insurance. Please visit us with your case in our store in Bonn-Beuel.

    Get-order-price for photo case Mammut-Box XL

    The Photo case Mammut-Box XL has many advantages by a well-minded interior: adjustable dividers inside get the right compartment. The exact compartment is achieved with a special height of dividers. Dimple foam at lid secures during transport.

    This case is also suitable for video cameras which are quickly stown away by its toploader principle.

    Mammut-Box XL

    Payment method Cash payment available

    For customers who wants to pickup their order in your store we have added the payment method Cash Payment. Now it is possible to place orders for pickup in our store.

    New TSA-Schloss for Peli Case available

    The TSA lock is especialley constructed for flights with expected luggage checks. If a case has been lock with a common lock then is can be expected that lock lock will be broken by security personal.

    This prevents the TSA lock, which can be unlocked with a certain key by security personal. At the same time your adjusted number combination stays valid and the lock will be locked further on after the check.


    Get-to-Know for Flight Case Flight IV

    Until 31th of March the Flight IV is available to get to know for 100,- EU. You will save 19,95 EUR.lern this robust and solid case which has despite of its standard construction each properties of professional Flight Case:

  • Solid handles
  • 22mmaluminium frames
  • Ball corners
  • Flight Cases IV

    Package deal of Systainer I, II, III, IV and V

    Until 15th of Feb 2006 we make this price of 184,95 EUR for starter package consisting of Systainer I-V for all Systainers together. You save 23.80 EUR compared to the single prices. Ideal for everyone who wanted to start with Systainers, but didn't know how to do!

    Purchase on invoice at the webshop for Authorities, Police, Firerfighters and industrial customers.

    We had former the payment method Money order, withdraw (with 2% discount), Cash on delivery or Paypal. Because certain customers cannot agree to that terms of trade we offer now a purchase on invoice.

    Do like this: create an account, phone us and after a little check you will be set free for purchase on invoice.

    Please note, that we set free only customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    New Category backpacks

    Since today we have a new main category backpacks. In this category we would like to offer backpacks with special features and for cases i. e. the Omni Trekker für Peli Case 1550.


    From today we have a secure SSL-Connection which is been used for orders. SSL-Connections are sure and cannot be "listened" to.

    Maintenance job this evening until 10pm

    This evening we have a changeover to a SSL-Connection until 10.pm. It is possible that the site is not reachable temporary.

    Description for drawer-Systainer improved

    Every drawer-systainer has now this additional, improved content in its description:

    • Height of drawer
    • Quantity of didivers
    • Quantity of collets for dividers
    • Quantity of abel holders
    • Quantity of lettering strips

    Now you can find much better ia this details how do you want to employ the drawer-systainers.

    Electric Systainer now in lightgrey available

    Since today we offer the Eletric Systainer with color lightgrey cecause of frequentually requests. Until now the Systainer was only in carmine red available.

    Electric Systainer

    Peli Cases descriptions relaunched

    Each description of a Peli Case has now the quantity of latches and padlocks. The amount of latches gives a clue how close the lid comes down to the bottom of case during closed. The amount of padlocks gives advice how many lock do you need to lock-up.

    Peli 1650 now available with color orange

    While stocks last: The Peli Case 1650 with orange case bottom and black trolley. Available as special edition and not regular in Germany on stock.

    Happy new year!

    I like to wish all of our customers and guests a happy new year, luck and health! Yours, Klaus Klüglich.

    Office in order - with Office-Systainer II

    Until to 28th of Feb 2006 you can order the office systainer II - for an all-in-order-price of 55.95 EUr.

    Please read the advantages of a systainer at the:

    Systainer Cataloge

    Office-Systainer II

    Special price for Peli Case 1300

    Until to 28th of February 2006 you will get Peli Case 1300 for a Special-Photo camera-to-chrismas-price of 62.95 EUR. You will save 7.- EUR.

    The Peli Case 1300 is especially suitable for cameras which are higher and doesn't fit normal cases.

    Peli 1300

    kofferfunshop.de wishes merry chrismas!

    I would like to wish all of us merry chrismas and good relax during the holidays. Yours Klaus Klüglich

    Orders will be marked as "received"

    Your shop order will be sent afterwards to our invoice processing. Until now there was no confirmation of order that it received indeed. You couldn't control the reception of an order in our system caused by a theoretical issure or not closed order.

    Striked by a new tecnology we can confirm now every order in your account. To look for it simply log in. We would like to make our shop with this litte service more transparent and open.

    Lock-up of locks for free

    As a special service for our customers we offer the lock up of inaccidently closed locks of pilot cases, attache cases, etc. for free.

    Shop in Bonn-Beuel reconstructed

    After a reconstruction we are happy to announce our new store with a new outfit and and placing of our articles better.

    Systainer shipping during Chrismas and Newyear's day

    Shippings with systainers won't be accessed regular from 17th of December 2005 to 1st of January. Please place your order in time.

    Telefonleitung während des gesamten 28.11.2005 gestört

    Aufgrund eines technischen Defekts war heute unsere Telefonanlage gestört und es konnten keine Gespräche angenommen werden. Ab 21.00h war das Problem behoben.

    Umzug unseres Büros nach Bonn-Beuel

    Aufgrund unseres Umzuges in neue Geschäftsräume kommt es zu zeitweiligen Behinderungen für Kunden, die uns telefonisch erreichen möchten. Die alte Telefonnummer ist bereits abgeschaltet.

    Unsere neue Nummer lautet:

    +49 (0)228 4224333.

    Dort sind wir von 8.00-22.00h Uhr Mo-So erreichbar.

    Peli 1510 zum Geschenkepreis

    Unser langbewährtes Modell Peli Case 1510 hat es auf die Geschenkepreisliste geschafft: Bis zum 31.12.2005 kostet der Koffer statt 199,95 nur 179,80 EUR. Vielleicht kennen Sie ja jemanden, der einen solchen Koffer um Weihnachen rum gebrauchen kann ;-) ? Die Vorteile liegen auf der Hand: Er hat einen Trolley, eine kompakte Größe (bitte kontaktieren Sie Ihre Fluggesellschaft, ob sie ihn als Handgepäck mit an Bord nehmen dürfen) und bietet eine ausreichende Kofferhöhe auch für professionelle Kameras.

    Peli Case 1510

    Kombiangebot Sortiments- und Scherenkasten

    Da fliegt einem glatt das Blech weg: Der Klassiker schlechthin, was Ordnung mit Schrauben anbelangt und dazu ein leichtgängiger Scherenkasten, ebenfalls aus Metall, also eine solide Angelegenheit! Wer jetzt seinen Keller fit machen will, spart mit unserem Kombiangebot.

    Werkzeug- und Sortimentskasten

    Neu: Besonders leichtgängiger Werkzeug-Scherenkasten Softmove

    Die meisten klassischen Scherenkästen für Werkzeuge haben die Eigenschaft, dass sie manchmal schwergängig sind. Der Scherenkasten Softmove hingegen ist ein typisches Beispiel, das dies nicht immer so sein muss. Wer auf die Vorteile einer Werkzeuganordnung in einem Scherenkasten wert legt und ein preiswertes Modell sucht, fährt damit richtig.

    Werkzeug-Scherenkasten Softmove

    Neues Fahrzeug-Einbausystem von Tanos

    Seit dem 01.10.2005 stellt die Fa. Tanos ein variables Einbausystem - Tanos mobil - für Fahrzeuge zur Verfügung. Ziel ist es, den vielfältigen Nutzen eines Kfz nicht durch ein starres Einbausystem festzuschreiben.

    Deswegen hat Tanos einen hydraulisches Stangensystem vorgestellt, welches den raschen Ein- und Ausbau ohne Bohrungen ermöglicht. Laut Tanos benötigt man dazu ca. 1-2 Stunden.

    Im Einbausystem können dann Systainer verschiedener Höhen verstaut werden, sodass ein Servicefahrzeug im Nu geplant und umgesetzt ist. Ist das Fahrzeug z. B. geleast, entstehen keine Beschädigungen durch Einbau-Montagen.

    Derzeit ist das System nur auf Anfrage erhältlich; Tanos plant aber verschiedene Pakete auf Fahrzeug-Typen abgestimmt anzubieten.

    Umbau in Bonn-Beuel im vollen Gange.

    Nach einem halben Jahr in unserem Geschäft in Bonn-Beuel planen wir eine neue Präsentation unserer Koffer, um unseren Kunden noch besser bedienen und beraten zu können. Daher werden wir mit einer komplett neuen Regalierung in das Weihnachtsgeschäft starten. Der Verkauf geht natürlich in der Zwischenzeit weiter.

    Umbau in Beuel 1 Umbau in Beuel 2

    Original-Schaumstoffeinlage für Peli 1510

    Neu gelistet ist die Original-Schaumstoffeinlage für den Peli Case 1510 mit hoher Schaumstoffdichte für sicheren Transport.

    Original-Schaumstoffeinsatz für Peli 1510

    Original-Schaumstoffeinlage für Peli 1560

    Neu gelistet ist die Original-Schaumstoffeinlage für den Peli Case 1560 mit hoher Schaumstoffdichte für sicheren Transport.

    Original-Schaumstoffeinsatz für Peli 1560

    Neuer Cube Peli Case 0340 verfügbar

    Bequemer geht's kaum: Endlich gibt es einen Cube Case auch mit Trolley. Dieser ist so geschickt angebracht, dass er aufgeklappt werden kann, ansonsten aber keinen weiteren Platz wegnimmt. Eine neue Weiterentwicklung: Die Räder lassen sich für einen schnellen Transport auch einmal in einer speziellen Aufnahme aufstecken. Genau so gut aber können sie fest am Koffer verschraubt werden. Ein Zuggurt ermöglicht weiterhin, den Koffer an einem Band zu ziehen. Innen ist der Koffer in der bewährten Art mit Raster- und Noppenschaumstoff zum perfekten Schaum empfindlicher Gegenstände wie Monitore, etc. ausgestattet.

    Peli Case 0340

    Hart-Rasterschaumstoff für besonders sichere Polsterung

    Die Verbindung zweier Eigenschaften findet sich bei diesem Artikel: Langlebigkeit und hohe Polsterwirkung. Während normaler Rasterschaumstoff z. B. für Fotokoffer verwendet werden kann, sollten Profis ihre kostspielige Ausrüstung mit einem Hartschaumstoff sichern. Der Vorteil liegt auf der Hand: Dieser Schaumstoff ist wesentlich langlebiger als herkömmlicher Rasterschaum. Trotzdem kann der Hart-Rasterschaumstoff genau so verwendet werden. Fazit: Je schwerer oder je teurer ein zu polsternder Gegenstand ist, desto eher sollte man von weichem Rasterschaum zu hartem wechseln.


    Schaumstoff-Einsätze für Peli 1120, 1150, 1200 und 1400 gelistet

    Die fehlenden Schaumstoff-Einsätze für die Peli Cases 1120, 1150, 1200 und 1400 sind in die Kategorie Zubehör aufgenommen worden.

    Alle Ersatzteile für Systainer verfügbar.

    Alle Ersatzteile für Systainer I-V, Mini-Systainer und Maxi-Systainer sind in den Standardfarben und karminrot, smaragdgrün, narzissengelb, himmelblau und schwarz verfügbar.

    Peli Case 1450 mit Trennwand-Set

    Als kleinster Peli Case mit Trennwand-Set wurde der Peli 1450 auf unserer Webseite publiziert. Dieser Koffer ist hervorragend als Zweitkoffer geeignet, um beispielsweise mehrere Objektive, etc. zu einer bestehenden Kofferausrüstung mitzuführen. Natürlich kann der Peli 1450 auch als schneller Einsatzkoffer verwendet werden, dank seiner kompakten Größe ist er überall leicht zu verstauen.

    Peli 1450 Trennwand-Set

    Peli Case 1560 mit Trennwand-Set

    Ein besonderer Koffer ist der Peli 1560 allemal: Schon sein außergewöhnliches Maß lässt manchen geplagten Fotografen aufhorchen. Es ist ein Koffer, der sowohl als Handkoffer als auch als Trolley-Koffer genutzt werden kann. Mit seinem Trennwand-Set sind wechselnde Ausrüstungen und verschiedene Bestückungen, z. B. bei unterschiedlichen Auftragsarbeiten, kein Problem mehr. Einfach die Trennwände über den Klettverschluss anpassen - fertig!

    Peli Case 1560 mit Trennwand-Set

    Stativkoffer Case I von RockPack gelistet

    Der Stativkoffer Case I ist ein Koffer mit ca. 600mm Länge und von der Fa. RockPack, einer Tocher von MGM-Cases.

    Stativkoffer Case III

    Stativkoffer Case II von RockPack gelistet

    Der Stativkoffer Case II ist ein Koffer mit ca. 800mm Länge und von der Fa. RockPack, einer Tocher von MGM-Cases.

    Stativkoffer Case III

    Stativkoffer Case III von RockPack gelistet

    Der Stativkoffer Case III ist ein Koffer mit ca. 1000mm Länge und von der Fa. RockPack, einer Tocher von MGM-Cases.

    Stativkoffer Case III

    Angebot Aluminiumbox B40 tragbar wie ein Koffer

    Als neue Aluminiumbox mit einem Hand- statt eines Lastengriffes haben wir die B40 aufgenommen. Diese Box lässt sich wie ein Koffer durch den Handgriff tragen.Die Box ist in bewährter 0.8mm Blechstärke produziert und hat eine Deckeldichtung gegen Spritzwasser.

    Aluminiumbox B40

    Angebot Aluminiumbox B81 mit zwei Lastengriffen

    Etwas kleiner als die B90 und zu einem sehr attraktiven Preis haben wir die B81 aufgenommen. Diese Box lässt sich durch zwei Lastengriffe tragen. Die Box ist in bewährter 0.8mm Blechstärke produziert und hat eine Deckeldichtung gegen Spritzwasser.

    Aluminiumbox B81

    Guess song title and save shipping cost

    If you are interested in a Peli Case then please call us up. We will play a song and you can save 8,- EUR, if you guess the title of the song. This offer is valid for all Peli Cases from Peli 1120, excepted accessories and Micro Cases.

    Aktionsangebot Systainer I, II, Werkzeug-Systainer III und Systainer IV

    Der sehr beliebte Werkzeug-Systainer, zusammen mit dem Systainer I, II und IV, haben wir zu einem Monteurpaket geschnürt. Durch den Werkzeug-Systainer gelingt es, auf einen Werkzeugkoffer zu verzichten und alle Vorteile des Systainers zu nutzen.

    Angebot Werkzeugkoffer Chicago Case Large

    Bis zum 30.10.2005 erhalten Sie den unverwechselbaren Chicago Case in der Ausführung Large zum Angebotspreis von 299,80 EUR. Sie sparen 35,65 EUR gegenüber dem Normalpreis. Brauchen Sie auch einen Koffer, der robust, leicht, abschließbar und einen Trolley hat? Fliegen Sie viel zu Ihren Kunden? Oft in der ganzen Welt? Dann kennen Sie bestimmt das Ärgernis eines zerbrochenen Koffers am Zielort. Mit einem Chicago Case hat dies ein Ende, denn dieser Koffer ist aus H(igh)D(ensity)P(oly)E(thlyen), einem sehr leichten, aber hoch belastbarem Kunststoff.

    Chicago Case Large

    Angebot Vollaluminium-Fotokoffer Nutshell

    Bis zum 30.11.2005 ist der stabile Fotokoffer aus Vollaluminium als Angebot erhältlich. Der Koffer ist inklusive eines gepolsterten Tragegurtes und Raster- und Noppenschaumstoff. Durch seine elegante Sicken ist der Koffer zusätzlich verstärkt und sehr augenfällig. Ein Muss für anspruchsvolle Fotografen, die Ihrer Sammlung, den richtigen Rahmen geben möchten.

    Vollaluminiumkoffer Nutshell

    Aktionsangebot Systainer I, II, III und Sortimentsbox-Systainer IV

    Nach langem Überlegen, Auswerten von Zahlen, Durchforsten der Tipps von Kunden und Erstellen einer Trendanalyse ist unser erster Herbst-Aktionsartikel fertig: Systainer I-III + Sortimentsbox-Systainer IV. Die Vorteile, die erst mehrere Systainer entfalten können, werden nun mit einem speziellem Artikel verbunden: dem Sortimentsbox-Systainer. Insgesamt vier Sortimentsboxen mit 18 festen Fächern - einem geeignetem Aufbewahrungsort für Schrauben, Nägel, Kleinteile, etc. - passen in den Systainer IV. Durch dieses Aktionsangebot sparen Sie 21,35 EUR gegenüber den Einzelpreisen.

    Peli Case 1500 mit Trennwand-Set

    Als noch fehlendes Modell in der Handkoffer-Reihe ist heute der Peli 1500 mit Trennwand-Set gelistet worden. Dieser besonders handliche Koffer ist ebenfalls in den Farben schwarz, gelb, orange und silbern verfügbar. Besonders interessant ist dieser Koffer für Urlaubsreisen, in denen nur eine kleine Ausrüstung mitgeführt wird. Sein handliches Format verspricht keinerlei Unannehmlichkeiten bei Einchecken auf einem Flughafen, bietet aber den optimalen Schutz, wenn es im Urlaub einmal hoch hergehen sollte, z. B. bei einer Segeltour oder einem Inselausflug mit dem Geländewagen.

    Peli Case 1500 mit Trennwand-Set

    Peli 1600 mit Trennwand-Set

    Als Ergänzung zu der 1500er-Serie haben wir auch den Peli 1600 mit Trennwand-Set nun komplett in vier Farben, schwarz, orange, gelb und silbern im Programm. Bisher gab es diese Modelle nur in schwarz, anderenfalls hatte man sich das Trennwand-Set (Bodeneinteiler) dazu zu kaufen. Insbesondere die farbigen Schutzkoffer sind bei Expeditionen, Fotosafaries, etc. von Vorteil, da sie nicht so leicht übersehen oder verloren gehen können. Im Zuge sich ständig erweiternder Kamerazubehöre ist der Peli Case 1600 zu einem wichtigen Modell mit entsprechendem Platz geworden.

    Peli 1600 Trennwand-Set

    Peli Case 1510 mit Trennwand-Set

    Neu bei www.kofferfunshop.de: Nun auch der Peli Case 1510 mit Trennwand-Set. Als Konsequenz, dass Koffer und Ausrüstung lieber gerollt als getragen werden, erschien vor ca. einem Jahr der Peli Case 1510. Durch sein längliches Maß ist er ideal für Profikameras mit verschiedenen Objektiv-Aufsätzen geeignet. Mit einem Schaumstoff-Einsatz wird zwar die optimale Schutzwirkung erreicht, aber aufgrund des Koffermaßes ist die Aufteilung ungünstig zu gestalten. Abhilfe schafft das Trennwand-Set, welches es möglich macht, auch seitlich am Kofferrand Objektive unterzubringen.

    Peli Case 1510 Trennwand-Set

    Peli Case 1550 mit Trennwand-Set

    Als einer der wahrscheinlich gängigsten Koffer in der Schutzkofferklasse kann der Peli 1550 bezeichnet werden. Ein Mangel war, dass es diesen Koffer entweder nur mit Schaumstoff oder mit Trennwand-Set in schwarz gab. Für alle Farben, also gelb, orange, silbern und schwarz, ist nun der Peli Case 1550 mit Trennwand-Set erhältlich und schließt damit die Lücke.

    Die Vorteile des Trennwand-Sets liegen auf der Hand: bessere Unterbringung von Fotoausrüstungen gelingen mit den verstellbaren Einteilern im Handumdrehen. So kann die Kameraausrüstung mitwachsen. Die etwas geringere Schutzwirkung fällt bei einem normalen Transport im Flugzeug nicht ins Gewicht, da das Trennwand-Set ebenfalls aus stossdämpfendem Material gefertigt ist.

    Peli Case 1550 Trennwand-Set

    Tool case ABS Work Power

    The success story of toll case ABS-Work is been valued from our customers as one of the cases with the best relation of price and effort. We have introduced an improvent after several notes of our customers: The model ABS-Work Power. This case has the same square measure but is able for much more:
    • Ca. 30mm higher
    • Two tool-pallets in lid
    • with turning locks removable pallets to use directly on its montage place.
    • To order optionally with a single pallet

    With all those features comes the tool-case ABS-Work Power very colse to professional tool-cases.

    Tool-case ABS-Work Power

    New: Photo bag Omni Trekker for Peli Case 1550

    The permanent conflict between a bag and a case for transport of photo equipment is solved: The photo bag Omni Trekker from Lowepro for Peli 1550 solves two problems: The normally unsecure transport can be done with a Peli Case, which are almost proverbial known for there robustness. There are your photo equipment protected best. The ride continues at the location with Omni Trekker as a photo rucksack, equiped with a lot of bags and lashes. The bag is well construted which is effective very fast. Fast and without any delay caused by a heavy case you can change your lenses, etc.

    Fototasche Omni Trekker

    New Peli 1560 of Peli Cases

    Peli has rolled out a new trolley cases, the second one of the 1500 serie. This trolley-case is sized between 1550 and 1600 and available in yellow, orange, silver and black. Peli is following the trend because the Peli Case 1600 is too large for a transport case and the Peli Case 1550 is too small for a extended photo equipment. This case is not conform to IATA.

    Peli 1560

    All articles of Peli Cases

    Special offer cube foam RQ500-70

    From 1st to 31th of august we offer the cubed foam RQ500-70, yard ware, for a half shippig price. the difference will subtracted from selling price. You save 4,- EUR per piece.

    Cubed foam

    Peli 1520 with Divider Set

    So far there were only Peli Cases with foam listed on our site. Now we offer the Peli 1520 as a combinded article to meet the requirements of a ambitious, space-saving package of photo equipments. The saving to the regular price is about 30.- EUR

    The advantages of the divider set - as peli site - are manifold. The most important one: You can keep more than three times more things into your case. All cases are available in black, yellow, orange and silver color.

    Peli 1520with Divider Set

    Waiting loop now with music from Apple iTunes

    Because of the easy method with Airport Express and iTunes it was very easy to control our waiting loop of our telephone. Now it is possible to play current titles to short your waiting time.

    Cleaning set for systainers avaiable

    Systainers which are spoiled by extreme action can now be cleaned soft and easy. A special plastic cleaner cleans up the systainers supported by a micro brin cloth.

    Cleaning set for systainers

    New Dörr Photo-case listed.

    We added the photo case as completion to the existing range. The case has a especially deep bottom and is suitable for high things. It is equipped with dimple foam, rectangle foam and dividers.

    Photo case 305 V-1

    Sales promotion with three different cases in our Store in Bonn-Beul.

    Our advertising will be published at "Schaufenster Bonn" on wednesday with three different cases for a price starting at 10.- to 14.- EUR. While stocks last.

    Store in Bonn-Beuel opened

    We exibit all Systainers, Peli Cases, Dörr Photo cases CFS Cases and foam-Kits. We are open Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

    Drawer-Systainer IV-1 from Tanos

    The new Drawer-Systainer has two big, one medium and two little drawers. It is especially suitable for usings where space for bulky things is needed.

    Drawer-Systainer IV-1

    Two products added to foam range.

    We added to the existing range of foams for case inserts dimple foam and bottom cushion. You can use the bottom cushions either as botton or as Lid cushion. The bottom cushion is suitable as an extension für the Universal-Kits, too.

    Systainer & Maglite

    Into the light

    If you purchase 3 Systainers I-V we will give you a Maglite 2-Cell for free.

    You will get after your order our confirmation with a Maglite added.
    Certainly we inform you on the phone about our offer Please call.

    Not to be combined with other promotions.